Proper Automobile Maintenance

The Importance Of Proper Automobile Maintenance

Proper Automobile Maintenance – In today’s increasingly mobile society, it’s essential to keep your automobile in good running order. To do this you must learn about your car. Browse through your owner’s manual. It will make you aware of some of the things that need to be done regularly to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. That includes having your vehicle serviced regularly. Change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles. Check your transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. Make sure to find and hire an auto mechanic at a shop you can trust and let them handle your vehicle maintenance.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Oil is the life blood of your automobile. It lubricates all your engine’s moving parts. You should have it changed regularly. When the oil is old or dirty, your engine wears down faster. When you keep the oil in your engine clean and contamination free, it will help to keep your engine clean and well lubricated. Check the engine oil periodically between oil changes and top it off if the oil is low. This keeps it running better and can add years to the life of your automobile.

Keep All Fluids Clean and Full

Keeping our transmission fluid clean and full protects your automatic transmission. Making sure you have an adequate amount of brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant also helps. Have the transfer case and differential fluid checked and topped off or changed at regular intervals. These fluids are important for the proper operation of your vehicle. However, they break down, get dirty, evaporate, leak out, and must be replaced regularly to keep your automobile in good condition.

Watch Out For Signs of Problems

The quicker you respond to signs of trouble the less expensive it generally is to repair the problem. Pay attention to the temperature gauge, warning lights, noises while braking or going over bumps, leaks, unusual smells, and differences in the way your vehicle handles or shifts gears. All of these signs can give you clues about the condition of your automobile and alert you to mechanical or other types of problems.

Rust Proof Your Vehicle by Washing and Waxing It Regularly

If you live in the rust belt or any other place that make undercarriage components like fuel and brake lines susceptible to rust, washing and waxing your vehicle regularly can help to keep rust at bay. Corrosion tends to develop in areas where dirt, mud, salt, and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice collect. Hosing those areas down regularly can help to keep rust and corrosion from forming and keep your auto intact and looking good longer. Waxing your car protects your car’s paint job and keeps it looking shiny. Touching up scratches and stone chips also helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Keep the Interior Clean and Dry

Your automobile has sensitive electrical components and wiring under the carpet, in the center console, and under the dash board. It’s essential to keep water and moisture away from them. Quickly address spills or rainwater that gets inside the vehicle before they reach the electronics and cause problems. Moisture left unaddressed can also make your vehicle’s interior smell bad and the smell is often difficult to get out of the upholstery and carpeting. Changing the cabin filter about every 10,000 miles also helps.

Properly Inflate and Regularly Rotate Tires

When tires are underinflated, it leads to poor gas mileage and causes the tires to wear down faster. It also can cause increased wear and tear on your 4 wheel drive system. Tires that are overinflated can damage suspension and steering components. Check the tire pressure on your vehicle regularly. Remove your winter tires after the last snowfall. They wear down faster on dry roads. Rotating your tires regularly leads to even wear and helps tires last longer. Check your wheel alignment at least once a year. Poor handling, worn suspensions, and tire problems can often be caused by bad wheel alignment.

Let a Reliable Mechanic Handle Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Finding an experienced, well-trained, trusted mechanic and reputable repair shop to do regularly service on your vehicle is crucial. They’ll use quality parts, perform all necessary tune-ups and maintenance in a timely manner, clean and adjust your valves, check and change your timing belt as necessary, replace oil and air filters as needed, and perform all other required maintenance tasks to keep the automobile running its best.

If you take all these steps your vehicle will get better gas mileage, handle smoother, smell clean and fresh, and last a good long time. Plus the timely tune-ups and maintenance will save you money on repairs and prevent those expensive untimely breakdowns and problems. This will keep you rolling and help you get the best service possible out of your vehicle.

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