Summer Maintenance Checklist

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist Before Hitting the Road

Nothing says summer like packing up your vehicle and heading out on the open road. While most drivers realize that getting regular oil changes are essential for good operation, heading out on a road trip requires a complete check of your car to ensure that you won’t become stranded on the side of the road miles from help. Have your mechanic perform a full safety inspection a week or two before your trip to give you enough time to rectify possible problems that could occur and make your journey as safe as possible. Here is our Summer Maintenance Checklist before you hit the open road.

Summer Maintenance Checklist

A thorough inspection can’t foresee all potential problems. If you follow this checklist, however, you’ll reduce the probability of getting sidelined on your trip.

Check the Tires

Tires are the number one component of your car that can fail on the road. A good inspect will assess the condition of each tire itself, looking at tread, inflation and signs of uneven wear. Even though Carolina Auto Service does not sell tires, our staff wil recommend replacement if we feel your safety is at risk.

Check and Replace Fluids – Maintenance Checklist

In addition to oil, other system fluids, such as power steering fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid should be checked and replaced periodically to prevent your vehicle from stalling or encountering other problems. Top off fluids that are low or replace ones that have excessive dirt.

This inspection is especially important with regard to the cooling system, which experiences the second most failures in a typical vehicle. Not only should levels be topped off, your technician should examine the system for leaks and worn parts.

Check the Brakes – Summer Maintenance Checklist

Your brakes are your vehicle’s single most essential piece of safety equipment. An inspection will ensure that they are in good working order and able to stop within safe distances.

How Old is Your Battery?

The battery is essential to starting your car. Most batteries last between three and four years. Make sure that all cables are secure and free of corrosion and if there is any chance that you could lost cranking power while on the road, replace it.

Don’t Forget the Transmission

It’s easy to overlook the transmission when it’s operation well, but problems can seemingly happen almost instantly. Make sure that it gets a thorough check because you don’t want to spend extensive time and money having an unknown mechanic fix your vehicle on the road.

We hope this Summer Maintenance Checklist from Carolina Auto Service has helped you prepare for your next big road trip!

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