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Is Your Vehicle In Need of Radiator Repair?

Radiators: What Exactly Do They Do?

Anyone who drives knows just how critical vehicle radiators are. Radiators, in brief, keep engine overheating at bay. Engines that are in use create heat. Coolant soaks up this heat and promptly transmits it over to the radiator. This is precisely where all cooling takes place. After that, coolant travels all over the engine. If your radiator is in fine working order, everything should be smooth sailing. If it’s not, however, you could experience a number of difficulties. It’s vital to keep an eye out for any and all potential radiator concerns. Swift professional repair service can in many cases stop radiator issues from becoming more severe.

Leaking Coolant

Take a close look at the area right under your car. Do you see coolant? It may have a
conspicuous vivid green, pink or yellow color. Coolant is the aforementioned fluid that stops engine overheating. Coolant puddles frequently signify leakage. It’s wise to pay attention to your low coolant light, too. If it turns on, something is amiss.

Excessive Heating

Overheating is a big warning signal. If you experience overheating, then you need to take your vehicle in for professional repair service immediately. It’s not hard to recognize overheating, either. Look below your hood. Is there any steam coming out of the area? If there is, radiator issues are probably the culprit.

Rust or Discoloration on Your Radiator

Assess the appearance of your radiator. The presence of rust or discoloration may denote radiator trouble. Radiator leaks often lead to fluid making its way over to hot engine components. This fluid rapidly fizzes away. You may be able to spot evidence of the fluid, however, in the form of discoloration. This discoloration frequently turns into rust as well.

Dark Radiator Gunk

Radiator coolant tends to be reddish, pinkish, yellow or green. Radiator issues, however, can in some cases change things in the color department. Some radiator troubles frequently bring on the emergence of fluid contaminants that have the ability to drastically affect coolant appearance. If your coolant begins to take on a dark black or brown color, then you should give it your attention. Also, the substance after some time will turn into a thick gunk. It will also cease functioning normally. Dark radiator gunk calls for the need for swift replacement. If you don’t replace this coolant quickly, it could bring on severe and lasting transmission and engine problems.

A “Hot” Display on Your Temperature Gauge

Take a look at your dashboard’s temperature gauge. Also, focus on the needle. Is it moving toward the “hot” direction? If it is, there could be some type of radiator trouble. It can sometimes indicate low fluid levels. It can sometimes signify thermostat woes as well. Either way, you need to request service from a knowledgeable mechanic who can troubleshoot the matter.

Be Aware of Common Radiator Leak Signs

It’s important to be aware of things that may signify radiator issues in general. It’s just as important to know about things that can denote radiator leaks, too. Radiator leaks can point to all sorts of problems that require prompt attention. If you have a radiator leak on your hands, you may experience significant shifts in coolant levels. Your coolant levels may be markedly lower than in the past. Also, focus on the space right below your engine as well. Do you see any odd puddles? If you observe any strange and gooey puddles, radiator concerns could be responsible. Don’t go anywhere near these puddles, either. They can be extremely dangerous. It’s imperative to clean them thoroughly immediately. It’s just as vital to discard of the fluid in the appropriate manner. Your goal should be to keep it far away from people and pets.

Problematic radiator hoses can sometimes signify radiator leaks. Radiators are attached to hoses that are not immune to deterioration. These hoses tend to tire out as time goes on. Their associated clamps sometimes get loose, too. Engine movements and vibrations contribute to this looseness. Tired radiator hoses lead to leakage. The same goes for connections that are less than reliable. Also, it’s vital to focus on hoses and be attentive to potential protrusions and cracks. These imperfections call for prompt professional repair work.

Get in Touch With Carolina Auto Service As Soon As Possible

Vehicle radiator issues can bring on all types of headaches and inconveniences. They can sometimes even interfere with safety behind the wheel. If you suspect that something is wrong with your radiator, you need to invest in professional repair service as soon as possible. Don’t delay taking action. The sooner you do something about your radiator concerns, the sooner you can sleep soundly at night. Lastly, call Carolina Auto Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as soon as possible to make an appointment for our A+ radiator repair service.

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