How to Make Your Used Vehicle Last Longer

How to Make Your Used Vehicle Last Longer

Every automobile comes with a factory-recommended schedule for routine vehicle maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups. One of the best things you can do for your used vehicle to make it last longer is to follow this schedule. These visits to your Winston-Salem auto repair shop also enable the experts to find signs of problems early. As a result, you can avoid costlier repairs and keep your used car or truck running its best for much longer.

Follow the Regular Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Some of this routine vehicle maintenance includes:

Pay Attention to Alerts and the Check Engine Light

All of those gauges and lights on your dashboard are there for a reason. They serve to help you know when something is wrong with your car before a system breaks down. You should never ignore the check engine light or other alerts, just hoping the light will turn off and the problem will go away. In fact, doing so can lead to expensive problems, a breakdown and a shorter life span for your vehicle. Getting service quickly will avoid such issues and help you make your used vehicle last longer.

Maintain Fluid Levels and Filters

Engines have many moving parts that require fluids and filters to run properly. These fluids include engine oil, coolant and transmission fluid. Without routine vehicle maintenance, these fluids run out. They can also accumulate debris that can damage components. As a result, your engine could experience irreparable problems and your used vehicle will not last long. Take your vehicle to Cloverdale Auto on a regular schedule to check levels, change fluids and change filters.

Rotate Tires and Inspect Them Regularly

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They are essential for safety, handling, acceleration, braking, fuel efficiency and comfort. Still, many people neglect their tires until there is a problem.

To make your used vehicle last longer, it is critical that you keep your tires in good shape. Do this by having the auto repair pros of Cloverdale Auto inspect, rotate, align and replace your tires regularly. Also look for signs of problems like low pressure, uneven wear and excessive wear.

Use Quality Parts and Fluids

Avoid the temptation to buy your auto parts and fluids from internet discounters. Instead, use the quality parts and fluids recommended by your manufacturer, those also used by your auto shop in Winston-Salem. Use the manufacturer recommended fuel at the gas pump, too. Following this advice will undoubtedly help your used vehicle last longer and keep running like new.

Practice Good Driving Habits

How you drive can wear and tear on your used vehicle and its working parts. Some of the behaviors that damage your vehicle over time include:

  • Fast driving
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Rapid braking
  • Sharp cornering and abrupt lane changes
  • Short trips less than a mile in duration
  • Not letting the engine warm up before driving away

When behind the wheel, avoid being aggressive or reckless. You will enjoy a smoother, trouble-free ride for longer and can also avoid getting into accidents.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your used vehicle clean actually plays a role in how long it lasts, too. Wash the exterior as needed and keep it waxed to avoid environmental damage to the paint and body. Vacuum the interior to help it stay fresh and looking good. Also try to keep your vehicle parked in a garage away from climate conditions. This helps keep the fluids, mechanical parts and electronics working in top form.

Involve Your Auto Shop in Your Plan to Make Your Used Vehicle Last Longer

One of the best things you can do to keep your used vehicle longer is to ask your auto mechanic for advice. Tell them you want to keep your car as long as possible. Ask your mechanic what steps you should take next to ensure it runs great for years to come. They may recommend specific part replacements or services to help you stick to your plan.

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