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3 Ways Preventative Auto Maintenance Benefits You

3 Ways Preventative Auto Maintenance Benefits You

Preventative auto maintenance is one of the most important services needed to keep your car running its best. Besides finding and fixing any existing problems with your vehicle, this routine maintenance enables your mechanic to prevent future issues.

There are a multitude of parts checked as part of a tune-up or other scheduled service. They include:

  • Tires
  • Lights
  • Windshield wipers
  • Brakes
  • Fluids
  • Air filter
  • Belts and hoses

Of course, if your auto mechanic at Carolina Mobile Auto finds an issue, they discuss the problem and potential solutions with you. Then, based on your decision, they replace the parts or provide other service as requested.

Below are three ways preventative auto maintenance benefits car owners like you.

Preventative Auto Maintenance Saves You Money

Although you must pay for preventative auto maintenance when your warranty has ended or the service is not covered, there are big financial benefits to scheduling this service. Saving you money over time is reason enough to resist skipping routine maintenance.

Your vehicle has a lot of moving parts. At any time, one or more of these parts can wear out and need replacement. Through preventative auto maintenance service, your auto mechanic has a chance to find these problems before they cause more costly damage to the engine or other parts of your vehicle. Fixing the problem early also often saves you money on labor costs.

Having your oil changed on schedule helps your engine last longer. Changing tires before the tread is worn out keeps you from experiencing a tire blowout and the damage that can cause. New wiper blades help you drive safely in a rainstorm, preventing auto accidents. Changing your brake pads when needed keeps your rotors and calipers from experiencing damage and needing replacement. A tune-up can also save you money, keeping your electrical system working as it should.

Preventative Auto Maintenance Enhances Your Safety

Another major reason for scheduling your preventative auto maintenance is your safety and the safety of anyone riding in your car. It is dangerous and potentially even deadly to risk damaged parts breaking down while your vehicle is in operation. It is also dangerous to risk being stranded on the side of the road.

Most preventative auto maintenance involves small, low-cost services. But engine failure because of one malfunctioning part can put your whole family at risk. We have all heard about people and their cars being hit by passing vehicles on highways. The roadway is no place to find yourself stranded for any period of time. Nor do you want your vehicle to stop running in an intersection or when you are turning against other traffic and need your car to move.

Whether you are due for routine maintenance or not, schedule service with Carolina Mobile Auto in Winston-Salem if you notice strange smells or noises coming from your car. Also schedule if you feel your vehicle is handling differently. It is always better to err on the side of caution, than to compromise your safety.

Routine Maintenance Is More Convenient than Auto Repair

One certain truth is that it is always more convenient to drive your car to the shop for routine maintenance, than it is to break down and need a tow for major auto repair. Who has time for a broken-down vehicle?

Preventative auto maintenance ensures your car works as it should. These services also improve your vehicle’s overall performance. There is no better way to keep problems with your car from happening, than to schedule routine maintenance with a trusted auto mechanic like those at Carolina Mobile Auto.

Thanks to this routine service, you can avoid a dead battery when you are late for an appointment. Your A/C will keep working as it should in the summer heat. Your tire tread will grip the road as it should and you can avoid a blowout. When you need to stop, your brakes will work.

To learn more about preventative auto maintenance services and the services you need performed on your vehicle now, call Carolina Mobile Auto in Winston-Salem. Schedule your routine maintenance today at 336-765-8599.

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