Five Essential Winter Vehicle Preps

Five Essential Winter Vehicle Preps

It’s that magical time of the year again. As winter approaches and temperatures decline, now is the time to undergo the laundry list of winter vehicle preps designed to fortify your car or truck’s cold weather defenses. North Carolina is not particularly known for its harsh winter climate, averaging only six-inches of snow per year. That doesn’t mean you should let you guard down and not actively take measures to protect your automobile.

The past couple of winters, snowfall has surged in the state, breaking records in the process. Winston-Salem alone received over 12.5-inches of snow, in just one day, more than double the annual average. Abnormally high levels of snow in recent winters along with NC’s typical, over 40-inches of rain annually exemplify the need to always be prepared. While Winston-Salem is no Antarctica in terms of freezing weather environments, winter temperature lows do hover in the freezing range.

The Following Five Essential Winter Vehicle Preps Will Likely Save Your Car Or Truck From Harsh Winter Weather Wreaking Havoc On It…

The last thing any motorist wants is to break down on a cold winter night. There’s nothing worse than facing mechanical problems because you didn’t take the time to properly winterize your automobile. That’s why proper winter preparation is crucial in maintaining your vehicle’s lifespan, performance and overall value. Here is a compilation of five winter vehicle preps that will keep your vehicle running longer and stronger this winter and beyond.

Winter Vehicle Preps All Drivers Should Adhere To:

1. Battery

Checking your car or truck’s battery is a good place to start when going through your yearly winter vehicle preps. Colder temperatures increase strain on most powertrain systems due the fact the engine must work harder because of its cooled, thickened oil. The strain on the motor, in turn, intensifies workload on an automobile’s electrical system. What does this mean? A battery that functions perfectly fine in warm-to-mild temperatures may not have enough juice to work in the cold.

Another thing to take into consideration regarding automotive batteries is their CCA, or Cold Cranking Amps rating. A battery’s CCA indicates the amount of amps it can produce at zero-degrees Fahrenheit, for a 30-second interval. The older the battery, the more its CCA rating has deteriorated, leading to sluggish performance or complete failure in cold weather. A battery with a higher CCA rating is not necessarily the solution as they are bigger, heavier and more expensive. Visit us today at Carolina Mobile Auto and have one our certified technicians inspect your vehicle battery’s winter-readiness today

2. Tires

It is always important to have properly inflated tires on your vehicle to ensure maximum traction and overall safety. It’s imperative you actively monitor your car or truck’s tire pressure during the winter since air condenses in cold temperatures. Tires in general, lose about one PSI of air pressure for every ten degrees the temperature drops. Inadequately filled tires can spell disaster, especially on wet, slick or icy roads.

Colder weather causes the rubber components of a tire to harden, even on all-season tires. As the rubber hardens, it loses its traction properties, providing less stability and control while increasing the probability of an accident. Dedicated winter tires, featuring softer rubber aimed at mitigating cold weather hardening would be ideal. However, this is not an option or economically feasible for everyone. We recommend thoroughly inspecting and rotating your tires, replacing or servicing any that are worn or damaged.

3. Brakes

Inspecting and servicing your car or truck’s brakes is key to proper winter vehicle prep. With the increase in rain, snow, sleet and ice during winter months your automobile’s brakes are under increased distress. Moisture along with cold damp conditions leads to rust and corrosion, increasing wear while substantially decreasing performance and safety. Most brakes have a visual indicator, along with an audio signal, like screeching, to inform you it’s time for service. If you aren’t sure what to look for, bring your vehicle in to Carolina Mobile Auto and we’ll gladly examine it for you.

4. Gas

An often-overlooked aspect of winter vehicle prep is the gas tank. During the winter season, moisture collects inside a gas tank, which eventually turns into condensation. Excessive condensed water mixing into a car or truck’s fuel system can lead to an array of costly auto repairs. Condensed water that freezes inside the gas tank exponentially increases damage to the engine. Maintaining your vehicle’s fuel level at a half-tank or more is recommended to mitigate the negative effects of winter weather.

5. Windshield

A properly maintained windshield and related components are essential to winter vehicle prep along with safely navigating challenging weather conditions. Address cracks immediately as cold weather will further stress and expand them! And in doing so, will likely also decrease visibility and safety.

Inspect and replace wiper blades regularly, for obvious reasons. Also, always be certain to top off your vehicle’s windshield wiper fluid. Using the correct fluid is paramount as it has anti-freezing elements, and won’t freeze on you when you need it most.

Routine Car Tune-Ups Are A Great Idea,... If You Want Your Vehicle To Last

Routine Car Tune-Ups Are A Great Idea,… If You Want Your Vehicle To Last

Driving is something that can get you where you need to go on a daily basis. If you want your driving experiences to be as smooth and efficient as possible, then you need to give your vehicle the care and attention that it deserves. You can start by getting routine tune-ups from a trusted and capable professional mechanic. Routine car tune-ups can keep all sorts of inconveniences out of your life. If you want to enjoy being behind the wheel, frequent maintenance sessions are exactly the thing you need. Their perks are numerous and relevant.

Keeping Failures at Bay

Car breakdowns are not fun for anyone. If you want to protect yourself from having to be waiting on the edge of the highway for emergency assistance, then it can help you considerably to make routine tune-ups one of your big maintenance priorities. Tune-ups make vehicles a lot less susceptible to time-consuming, costly, and irritating vehicle failures. Routine car tune-ups are a necessity for all vehicles regardless of how old or how new they may be. If you want to invest in the day-to-day dependability of your car, then tune-ups are the way to go. As well as an excellent way to better avoid woes such as a check engine light and then breaking down completely.

Better Vehicle Value

It isn’t uncommon for people to sell their vehicles. You may want to get your hands on a car that’s a lot more spacious. You may want to get your hands on one that comes with different features. If you get tune-ups for your car, then you may be able to better its overall value. Remember, people tend to gravitate to vehicles that are in tiptop shape. If you get routine tune-ups for your vehicle, the results will be apparent to all. That’s why your odds of completing a sale may become a lot higher. If you want your car to have higher worth, then you should do everything you can to look after it in the appropriate way.

Fewer Fuel Pump Concerns

It can be a headache to realize that your car’s miles per gallon are lacking in any sense. If you come to that realization, however, there is a solution on hand to you. That solution is to go for tune-up sessions. Tune-ups have the ability to better vehicle fuel efficiency dramatically. If you have an air filter that’s excessively soiled, that could lead to a major fuel efficiency drop that you simply do not want or need. If you stay updated on all of your tune-ups, then you can revel in the guarantee of a vehicle that performs wonderfully.

Decreased Emissions

Pollution is a bad thing. If you’re like the majority of human beings in this world, then you want to do anything you can to steer clear of bringing on pollution. If you fail to maintain your car in the correct manner, then it will give off higher amounts of emissions. That can be awful news for the environment. If you get routine tune-ups, then you gain the ability to decrease the nasty emissions that are given off by your car day in and day out.

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Tune-Ups

A lot of different things go into routine car tune-ups. If you get a tune-up from our automotive center, then you can experience a host of advantages. Our mechanics swap out filters and oil. They update spark plugs in order to strengthen mile efficiency significantly. They swap out fuel filters for the same exact purpose, too. Our team members meticulously and thoroughly assess vehicle ignition systems. If you have a car that’s rather old, then it may depend greatly on ignition timing. It doesn’t matter if you could benefit from a fresh new rotor. It doesn’t matter if you need battery help. Our tune-ups can cover all of the maintenance bases for you.

Are You Due for a Car Tune-Up?

There are a number of things that can tell you that you’re due, or late even for a tune-up. If you notice your dashboard lights switching on, getting a tune-up may be in your best interests. Other big clues are sluggish acceleration, insufficient fuel mileage, odd sounds, a misfiring engine and bizarre trembling motions. If you’re sick and tired of stalling, engine starting woes, weird steering patterns and issues with your brakes, then getting a tune-up may be able to change everything for you substantially. A tune-up can help give your vehicle a brand new lease on life.

Call Us to Set Up an Appointment for a Vehicle Tune-Up

Do you want to get a tune-up for your car in Winston-Salem, North Carolina? Call us at Carolina Mobile Auto Service at any time to set up an appointment with one of our diligent and hard-working mechanics. We can help take the condition of your car to the next tier. We can talk to about all sorts of car specialties that are on the menu.

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