What’s That Noise? – The Five Most Common Car Noises and What They Mean

What’s That Noise? – The Five Most Common Car Noises and What They Mean

It’s usually not a good sign if your car or truck is making any strange, unfamiliar noises. Out-of-the-ordinary sounds coming from your vehicle are a telltale sign that it’s in need of service or repair. Often times you can diagnose any automotive service or repair issues based on the specific sound a vehicle is making. In this month’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at the five most common car noises and what they mean.

The Five Most Common Car Noises and What They Mean

1.) Squeaking, Screeching or Grinding Brakes

Hearing a squeaking or screeching sound when applying the brakes? This is one of the most easily identifiable, common car noises most drivers will experience.

It means one or more of your car or truck’s brake pads needs to be serviced or replaced soon. A louder, metal-on-metal grinding noise indicates that your automobile’s brake pads are completely gone. If that is the case, this means that your car’s metal brake discs and calipers are rubbing against each other.

It is extremely dangerous to drive with completely worn out brake pads. Additionally, it can become costly as well, due to damage likely being done to your vehicle’s brake rotors and discs. If you have any concerns about any abnormal sounds coming from your vehicle’s brakes bring it in to a reputable auto repair center. Our ASE-certified auto mechanics are brake experts and will resolve any problematic brake noises once-and-for-all.

2.) Buzzing or Vibrating Tires

A buzzing or vibrating noise, similar to the drone sound coming from a hive of angry bees or hornets, is one of the most common car noises that indicates tire trouble. If you hear this sound emanating from your automobile’s tire area while driving, it clearly signals that the tire is in imminent danger of blowing out or failing.

You should pull over as soon as possible and visually inspect all of your vehicle’s tires, along with measuring their air pressure. A buzzing or vibrating tire can signify a variety of different issues such as incorrect air pressure levels, out-of-balance alignment or rotation, a puncture, leak, or it is simply worn-out and needs replacing.

Driving with a buzzing or vibrating tire is a safety hazard to yourself as well as other motorists. This tire problem must be immediately repaired.

3.) Shrieking or Squealing Engine

A shrieking or squealing sound coming from your vehicle’s engine during ignition or operation normally indicates that its serpentine belt needs replacing or service. Aside from the horrible sound, a worn, damaged or malfunctioning serpentine belt can also lead to failures and problems with your automobile’s alternator, starter, water pump, air conditioning compressor, and radiator fan.

While it’s a fairly simple fix, you will probably want a highly trained mechanic to professionally service your vehicle’s serpentine belt, as well as ensure no other underlying mechanical issues were causing the shrieking or squealing noise under the hood.

If your car or truck is shrieking, squealing or making any of the other common car noises listed in this blog, don’t hesitate to make an auto repair appointment asap.

4.) Whining or Whirring When Turning

Whining or whirring sounds emitted from the steering column when turning the steering wheel. This common car noise typically points to a power steering problem. A whining or whirring steering column is normally the result of the power steering system being low on fluid, experiencing a leak, or a worn component in need of replacement.

You will want to get your car or truck off the road and have its power steering system checked out by an automotive professional as soon as you can. Continual driving may lead to further leaking or damage.

Local Winston Salem, North Carolina motorists experiencing any whining or whirring sounds coming from their vehicle’s steering column should definitely bring their automobile in for top-of-the-line power steering service and repair at Carolina Auto Service, conveniently located on South Stratford Road near the Interstate 40.

5.) Clicking, Clunking or Crunching When Turning or Accelerating

A clicking, clunking or crunching noise coming from any of your automobile’s wheel areas when turning or accelerating normally occurs when there is a problem with one of its CV axles. A CV axle is an automotive component that essentially connects and integrates a car or truck’s wheel, to its chassis and suspension system.

If the CV axle or its individual parts need to be cleaned, lubricated, repaired or replaced it will make a clicking, clunking or crunching noise when turning or accelerating the vehicle, which gets progressively worse over time and usage.

Operating a car or truck with a damaged CV axle is a recipe for disaster. It could lead to complete loss of control when driving and in a worst-case scenario, a wheel literally falling off. Needlessly to say, you will want to refrain from driving a vehicle making clicking, clunking, or crunching sounds. And of course, bring it in to an experienced mechanic right away.

Trust your gut…..

You know your own car or truck better than anyone else. If your instincts are telling you something just doesn’t sound right on your vehicle, visit a reliable automotive repair center. Carolina Auto Service in Winston Salem, NC will diagnose and repair your car or truck problem. Don’t let a minor fix snowball into costly repairs and replacements.


Brake Pads Brake Repair Winston Salem NC

Think You Need Brake Pads?

If you’re a driver, then you know just how invaluable an efficient and reliable vehicle braking system is. Dependable brakes are key to strong safety practices behind the wheel, no two ways about it. Fully functional brake pads can help you deal with all kinds of unanticipated issues on the road. All drivers want to be able to handle all types of situations on the road with confidence and ease. Maintaining your brakes in tiptop shape at all times is of the upmost importance.

Never ever disregard indications of faulty brakes. Disregarding them can potentially harm your safety. Pay attention to any and all indications that frequently point to brakes that are in questionable condition.

Be Aware Of The Following Clues Your Braking System May Be Presenting……

⊗ Squealing Noises ⊗

Squealing sounds are a big problem for many vehicle owners. If you notice any, you should address the situation immediately, no exceptions. With that said, the reason for these high-pitched noises frequently indicate that small metal components that are connected to brake pads are in direct contact with rotors. If you fail to take care of this issue as soon as possible, it could lead to the situation getting a lot more severe.

⊗ Odd Vibrations ⊗

Keep in mind, one should never ignore any shaking that takes place during the braking process. Take note of general vehicle, steering wheel or braking pedal vibrating that takes place any time your vehicle moves in a slower manner. This often is an indication of rotors that are in poor condition. Rotors have an important role in vehicle safety as well. That’s because brake pads press them any time they need to establish resistance for stopping purposes.

⊗ Brakes Pedals That Don’t Seem to Do Their Jobs Correctly ⊗

Focus on any brake pedal that has a vibe that’s oddly soft. If your brake pedal is part of that category, then you may have to push it down in an excessive manner to accomplish your stopping goals. This signifies a brake pedal that’s cause for alarm as well. Few things can be more hazardous than a car that doesn’t have the ability to rapidly stop, after all. If you notice anything unusual about your brake pedal, then you need to get professional repair work for it as soon as possible. Ignoring brake pedal issues can oftentimes lead to substantial hazards. Brake pedal issues can denote everything from low brake pads to troubling brake fluid leakages.

⊗ Grating Actions ⊗

Grating actions can in many cases point to severe brake issues in vehicles. This noise is often a clue that brake pads have worn out in a considerable manner. If your brake pads have worn out, then you may have extensive disc destruction on your hands. You need to have a seasoned and reliable mechanic check this situation out without a second of hesitation or questioning.

⊗ Fluid Leakage ⊗

Brake fluid leakage is never a good sign. That’s why conscientious vehicle owners should never ever brush it off. Brake fluid leakages make people more vulnerable to braking power loss. If you want to safeguard yourself against this difficulty, then you have to manage the situation without delay.

⊗ ABS Lights Going On ⊗

If your ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) light goes on, then you need to do something about it immediately. Vehicle dashboards are equipped with helpful indicator lights that denote existing or upcoming issues of all kinds. Brake system lights are ABS lights. When you see this light, that means that something with your braking system is amiss.

⊗ Tugging ⊗

Vehicles ideally need to operate in straight manners during the use of brakes. If your vehicle moves over to the right or the left side, that may be a hint of a problem. It may point to brake pad deterioration that isn’t at all consistent. It may point to a concern that’s a lot more severe than that as well. Note, too, that vehicle tugging can sometimes even be related to the presence of brake fluid contaminants. It can sometimes be related to faulty wheel cylinders as well. Only a capable mechanic can solve this dilemma for you. Vehicle tugging isn’t necessarily a complex problem, however. Simple brake tweaks may be able to sort things out for you. Extra fluid may be able to remedy the situation, too.

Reach Out to Carolina Auto Service Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Today

If you pick up on anything out of the ordinary regarding your brake system, swing by or give us a call. We employ only talented mechanics who are thorough and enthusiastic. Carolina Auto Service is located in lovely Winston-Salem. Our team members specialize in brake maintenance and repair services that are of the highest quality possible. They can aid you with everything from unusual noises to headache-inducing leaks and beyond.

Why Routine Brake Service Is a Good Idea

Why Routine Brake Service Is a Good Idea

Routine Brake Service: What Can You Get Out of It?

Owning and driving a vehicle you can call your own is a privilege and honor. It’s also a major responsibility. If you want to be the epitome of a responsible driver, you have to take care of your vehicle properly. That involves a lot more than just parking it at night and washing it occasionally. It entails making sure that your vehicle is always 100 percent safe.

Your goal should be to make sure that your car is in tiptop shape at all times. A safe car proves that you respect your own well-being. It proves that you respect the well-being of the other people around you, too. Nothing means more than that.

Many different factors go into balanced vehicle safety. It can be smart to begin with brake service. Your brakes are a critical part of the functioning of your car. The brakes, in short, can halt your vehicle when necessary. They help you slow down when necessary, too. This is invaluable for safety purposes.

Brake Service Can Offer You Better Safety

It’s no secret that reliable brakes are essential for safe vehicle operations. If you want to make sure that your brakes are always safer than safe, professional service is your finest bet. Faulty brakes can make you more susceptible to dangerous collisions on the road. Brake failure is a major hazard that can lead to accidents of all sizes. It can frequently result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you notice anything amiss with your brakes, then you need to take your car in for professional attention without a second of hesitation. Brake pad replacement or repair work may be crucial.

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Brake Service Can Enhance the Longevity of Your Brakes

Routine brake maintenance is critical for people who want to maintain brakes that are in excellent and dependable shape for a long time. If you invest in frequent brake maintenance service, it can alert you to the need for new hoses, brake pads and small components in general. Replacing these elements is beneficial due to the fact that it can boost the strength of components of your vehicle that are a lot costlier. Replacing smaller elements can often keep your brake rotors and master cylinder in excellent working order.

If you notice any clues that suggest the deterioration of your hoses or brake pads, you should take care of them as soon as possible. Doing so can often protect you from brake problems that are a lot bigger and more complex. It can often safeguard your brakes overall and keep them working beautifully for a long while. If you want more brake mileage, routine service is the sensible approach.

Routine Brake Service Can Protect Your Bank Account

Brake service can often safeguard people from particularly time-consuming and serious brake problems. Severe brake problems often cost a lot to fix, too. If you want to be able to identify and take care of brake issues before they get the power to grow in intensity, then frequent service is optimal. Preventative maintenance can do so much for your peace of mind any time you’re behind the wheel. It can also keep your finances intact. No one likes the idea of spending a fortune on significant brake troubles.

Are Your Brakes in Strong Working Order?

It can be helpful to pay attention to your brakes at all times. Know the signs that denote issues with your brakes. They may alert you to the need for repair work or even replacement. This can keep you safe while you’re driving. You always want to steer clear of driving with problematic brakes. Nothing is ever worth that risk. If potential brake failure is in your future, you may hear strange squealing and grinding sounds. These sounds may suggest brake pad issues. Note, too, that tired pads frequently harm other vital brake components. That’s why you should never dismiss them.

There are a good number of other clues that can notify you of possible brake troubles. These clues include brake pedals that just aren’t as receptive as before, odd vehicle “tugging” actions during the braking process and braking vibrations. If you observe or experience any of these things, then you need to stop everything and take your vehicle in for service. You have no time to dillydally. Your safety is paramount. The safety of other drivers on the road with you is paramount, too.

Contact Carolina Auto Service in Winston-Salem Today

Are you searching for five-star professional brake service anywhere near Winston-Salem North Carolina? Get in touch with Carolina Auto Service today. Our mechanics are experienced brake service experts. They help drivers manage brake repair needs of all types. Contact us as soon as possible to reserve an appointment for our skilled assistance.

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Brakes Need Servicing

Signs Your Brakes Need Servicing

Do Your Brakes Need Servicing? Regular service is essential to keep your brakes operating properly as they contribute to safety and affect vehicle operation. You should never wait for the brake light to come on before taking the vehicle in for repairs. Here are signs that it’s time for brake work.

Unusual Noises

Properly working brakes operate quietly, so when you hear frequent noises, bring your vehicle to your mechanic. Brakes will either squeal and screech or present a low-pitched growling or grinding. You’ll be able to hear these noises when windows are up, but may have difficulty hearing such sounds in loud traffic or when heat or air conditioning is on high.

Grinding or growling happens when the brake pads have worn down to the metal components. This noise is caused by the disc and caliper rubbing together, which can scratch rotors, producing an uneven surface.


If you feel vibrating through the steering wheel or brake pedal while driving or stopping, it could point to warped rotors resulting from severe braking over long periods. High friction causes rotors to heat and eventually warp. Vibration, or even pulling, the next symptom, may also mean that your car needs alignment work. A thorough inspection is needed to find the cause.


Uneven wear on the brake pads can cause the vehicle to pull to one side. and can also make it difficult to stop, particularly at high speeds. Dirt and foreign particles in the brake fluid requiring draining and replacement or stuck brake cylinders can also cause pulling.

Soft Pedal

If your vehicle takes longer to stop or you need to push down harder on the brake pedal, these are signs that the pads have worn out.

Burning Smell

Friction or excessive heat can produce odd smells, especially burning. Never ignore odd smells, even if the brake light is not on or an indicator remains unlit.

Whenever you see or hear a problem, make sure your mechanic performs a thorough inspection of all components to determine what the actual problem is. Thorough brake service can include some of the following tasks: installation of brake pads, adjustment of brake components, installation of calipers, resurfacing rotors, repacking wheel bearings and installation of new front seals and replacement of brake fluid. Your service technician should be able to offer you options and explain what steps were taken and why the work had to be performed.

Lastly, we are Carolina Auto Service. Do Your Brakes Need Servicing? Call Us Today To Schedule Your Next Auto Repair Service.

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