Routine Car Tune-Ups Are A Great Idea,... If You Want Your Vehicle To Last

Routine Car Tune-Ups Are A Great Idea,… If You Want Your Vehicle To Last

Driving is something that can get you where you need to go on a daily basis. If you want your driving experiences to be as smooth and efficient as possible, then you need to give your vehicle the care and attention that it deserves. You can start by getting routine tune-ups from a trusted and capable professional mechanic. Routine car tune-ups can keep all sorts of inconveniences out of your life. If you want to enjoy being behind the wheel, frequent maintenance sessions are exactly the thing you need. Their perks are numerous and relevant.

Keeping Failures at Bay

Car breakdowns are not fun for anyone. If you want to protect yourself from having to be waiting on the edge of the highway for emergency assistance, then it can help you considerably to make routine tune-ups one of your big maintenance priorities. Tune-ups make vehicles a lot less susceptible to time-consuming, costly, and irritating vehicle failures. Routine car tune-ups are a necessity for all vehicles regardless of how old or how new they may be. If you want to invest in the day-to-day dependability of your car, then tune-ups are the way to go. As well as an excellent way to better avoid woes such as a check engine light and then breaking down completely.

Better Vehicle Value

It isn’t uncommon for people to sell their vehicles. You may want to get your hands on a car that’s a lot more spacious. You may want to get your hands on one that comes with different features. If you get tune-ups for your car, then you may be able to better its overall value. Remember, people tend to gravitate to vehicles that are in tiptop shape. If you get routine tune-ups for your vehicle, the results will be apparent to all. That’s why your odds of completing a sale may become a lot higher. If you want your car to have higher worth, then you should do everything you can to look after it in the appropriate way.

Fewer Fuel Pump Concerns

It can be a headache to realize that your car’s miles per gallon are lacking in any sense. If you come to that realization, however, there is a solution on hand to you. That solution is to go for tune-up sessions. Tune-ups have the ability to better vehicle fuel efficiency dramatically. If you have an air filter that’s excessively soiled, that could lead to a major fuel efficiency drop that you simply do not want or need. If you stay updated on all of your tune-ups, then you can revel in the guarantee of a vehicle that performs wonderfully.

Decreased Emissions

Pollution is a bad thing. If you’re like the majority of human beings in this world, then you want to do anything you can to steer clear of bringing on pollution. If you fail to maintain your car in the correct manner, then it will give off higher amounts of emissions. That can be awful news for the environment. If you get routine tune-ups, then you gain the ability to decrease the nasty emissions that are given off by your car day in and day out.

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Tune-Ups

A lot of different things go into routine car tune-ups. If you get a tune-up from our automotive center, then you can experience a host of advantages. Our mechanics swap out filters and oil. They update spark plugs in order to strengthen mile efficiency significantly. They swap out fuel filters for the same exact purpose, too. Our team members meticulously and thoroughly assess vehicle ignition systems. If you have a car that’s rather old, then it may depend greatly on ignition timing. It doesn’t matter if you could benefit from a fresh new rotor. It doesn’t matter if you need battery help. Our tune-ups can cover all of the maintenance bases for you.

Are You Due for a Car Tune-Up?

There are a number of things that can tell you that you’re due, or late even for a tune-up. If you notice your dashboard lights switching on, getting a tune-up may be in your best interests. Other big clues are sluggish acceleration, insufficient fuel mileage, odd sounds, a misfiring engine and bizarre trembling motions. If you’re sick and tired of stalling, engine starting woes, weird steering patterns and issues with your brakes, then getting a tune-up may be able to change everything for you substantially. A tune-up can help give your vehicle a brand new lease on life.

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How Tune-Ups Today Differ From the Past

Tune-ups are one aspect of automotive maintenance that has changed greatly over the year. Although most people still refer needing tune-ups, the term is often used in conjunction with a service procedure designed to make an engine run better. Although there is no specific definition for what a tune-up should include, maintenance professionals generally agree that it involves replace spark plugs and making other adjustments to restore engine performance.

With today’s vehicles, there isn’t much left to “tune,” even though many drivers think that the procedure is necessary. As your vehicle ages, it may be harder to start, not getting the same gas mileage, the engine may hesitate, stall, knock or even lose power. What you may need is an engine performance analysis along with a new set of spark plugs. Simple maintenance like this may resolve the above issues if the issue lies with the spark plugs, but if a problem exists elsewhere, a “tune-up” could waste time and money.

Tune-Up Checks

Any service related to tune-ups should include baseline checks to assess your engine’s condition. These should include:

  • Battery voltage
  • Power balance or dynamic compression
  • Engine vacuum
  • Scanning for fault codes
  • Check exhaust emissions
  • Verification of idle speed
  • Check ignition timing

Preventive Maintenance

If no major faults are discovered during tune-up checks, consider regular replacement of the following items to keep your engine running properly:

  • Spark plugs gapped to correct specifications
  • Rotor or distributor caps
  • Fuel and air filters, PCV valve and other parts like belts, hoses, fluids, etc., on an as-needed basis
  • Check and adjust ignition timing, idle speed and oxygen sensor

Spark plugs require periodic replacement because their electrodes wear away every time they fire. A plug fires 60 to 80 million times for every 45,000 miles your vehicle travels. This wear increases the distance between the electrodes and dulls the sharp edges on the center electrode resulting in an increase in voltage needed to jump the gap. Deposits on the plug tip can also interfere with ignition.

Long-life plugs are built to withstand wear with electrodes made of platinum or alloys that resist erosion. These plugs can last as long as 100,000 miles under ideal conditions. Remember, however, that no plug will last anywhere near its potential lifespan when an engine experiences other problems.

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