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Are You Ready To Fix Vehicle’s Transmission Issues

Vehicle transmissions have big roles to manage. Car transmissions, in a nutshell, are in charge of seeing to it that suitable power levels make their way over to the wheels. The purpose behind this is to enable vehicles to move at desired speeds. Both automatic and manual transmissions are accessible to drivers. If you want to be safe behind the wheel, then you need to have a transmission that’s in fine working order at all times. Transmission woes can decrease fuel economy greatly. They can impact driving in general as well. Drivers who want to keep significant time wastes at bay should review any and all clues that relate to possible transmission issues. They should take note of things that denote the need for professional transmission service as well.

High-Pitched Sounds

Do you hear nearly constant high-pitched sounds? Transmissions that are automatic include torque converters that are able to employ “needle pins.” The exhaustion of these pins can be problematic as well. Deterioration of these pins can trigger the emergence of high-pitched transmission sounds. These sounds emerge at any time cars are in single places. If you detect bizarre sounds coming from your vehicle, you should ask a mechanic right away if there’s an issue that may relate to its transmission.

Leakage of Transmission Fluid

Fluid leakage is frequently connected to vehicle issues of all kinds. Transmission fluid in most cases has a red tinge to it. Its leaks tend to gather right below transmissions, too. If you have transmission issues of any variety, inadequate amounts of transmission fluid could be to blame. If you suspect that there are issues with fluid amounts, then you need to tackle the situation as soon as you get the chance, zero exceptions.

Trouble With Gear Shifting

If you’re out of nowhere experiencing trouble with gear shifting duties, then you may have a transmission dilemma of sorts on your hands. It doesn’t matter if you have a manual or automatic transmission. Vehicles must possess transmission fluid that’s fresh. They must possess transmission fluid that moves without issues with transmissions as well. Transmissions that have immoderate grime and muck may bring on slow transmission actions. This may bring on cars that shift gears in ways that are bizarrely speedy. It may bring on cars that shift gears in ways that are bizarrely tardy, too. People who have manual transmissions may not be able to shift their gears in general.

Odors That Are Reminiscent of Burning

Burning odors are never positive news no matter how you slice it. If you pick up on an odor that’s reminiscent of burning any time you shift, then something is definitely amiss. This burning odor may denote a handful of transmission issues. If you drive a manual vehicle, then it may call for clutch plate replacement. If that’s not the case, then transmission fluid that’s immoderately hot could be the reason for everything.

Shifting at Unpredictable Times

Take note of an automatic transmission car that is prone to shifting inappropriately. If your car shifts when it isn’t supposed to, then transmission computer troubles could be the trigger. It may point to transmission fluid woes as well.

Grating Sounds

High-pitched sounds can in some cases point to car transmission issues. The same thing applies to grating sounds. Don’t ignore grating sounds that are redolent of metal. These sounds frequently emerge during the shifting of transmissions. It’s critical for drivers to never ever brush off any kind of grating sounds. They should visit mechanics without any hesitation for in-depth assessments. Decreased amounts of transmission fluid can frequently bring on odd sounds.

Gear Slippage

Auto transmissions that are soiled in any way may lead to inadequate hydraulic power amounts. These inadequacies are similar to issues that are associated with inadequate amounts of transmission fluid. If you wish to remain in the right gear, you need to have a transmission that rounds up sufficient pressure. Transmissions that are overly soiled are not able to do this. That’s due to the fact that impurities can impact transmission fluid movement greatly. If your vehicle’s transmission is otherwise in fine working order, then limitations with the flowing of fluid could be the big cause. Fluid traveling troubles are in many situations connected to impurity and debris accumulation. Flushing work can generally manage these situations. If you want to take care of gear slippage troubles that are driving you crazy, then you may need to visit a highly regarded mechanic in order to receive a thorough transmission flush. Call the pleasant and patient staff members at Carolina Auto Service in welcoming Winston-Salem, North Carolina as soon as possible. Our mechanics can dazzle you with all kinds of transmission specialties. They can even fix transmissions that have all kinds of troubles.

Transmission Issues

Typical Transmission Issues

Vehicles and Transmissions

Transmissions are significant parts of vehicle operations. Vehicle transmissions, in a nutshell, are in charge of seeing to it that adequate power levels travel to the wheels. This is vital for driving and for designated speed requirements. If you want to stay safe and secure behind the wheel at all times, then you need to keep the transmission of your car in check. That’s why it can be intelligent to be aware of various typical vehicle transmission woes. Awareness of these things can help you pinpoint and take care of matters rapidly.


Leakage is a big issue in many areas of life. It’s often a major issue for people who own and drive cars as well. Leakage of transmissions can make you groan in annoyance. Transmissions are reminiscent of different vehicle components that accommodate fluids. That’s because they’re equally prone to headache-inducing leaks. Transmissions that experience substantial fluid decreases cease to function. Transmissions require adequate fluid in order to operate normally. Cars that are incapable of reversing in many cases do not have adequate fluid. If you pick up on that, then it may be time for you to take care of an irksome leak.

Clutch Issues

Clutches are situated inside of torque converters. They sometimes get stuck, too. Stuck clutches can pave the way for solenoids that are stuck as well. This may bring on the unpleasant situation of inaccurate information that pertains to torque converters and their levels of fluid. If there’s something amiss with the clutch of your car, you may experience aggressive vibrating from below. Your transmission may give off inordinately steep heat amounts, too. If you pick up on a significant engine power output decline, then you should consider the possibility of numerous clutch issues.

Difficulties With Torque Converters

Transmissions and torque converters can bring on all kinds of issues. These issues can often lead to transmissions that cease operating entirely as well. Torque converters are frequently linked to needle bearings that are faulty or exhausted. Warm needle bearings aren’t a positive indication at all. If your needle bearings get hot, you may start detecting bizarre grating and pounding transmission sounds. These sounds typically don’t rear their ugly heads when cars are in neutral mode.

Burning Odors

Odors that are redolent of burning are never positive developments for anyone. They’re certainly not positive developments for people who own cars. That’s the reason you need to deal with conspicuous burning odors as soon as your nose picks up on them, no exceptions. Once you detect a burning odor, you have to head to a reputable mechanic for an assessment without hesitation. Various factors can bring on burning as well. Exhaust manifold leakage can sometimes bring on burning. A transmission that’s immoderately hot can bring it on. Burning that involves wires and insulation matters can even do the same. If you ever even suspect that a burning odor exists, you need to take action. If you don’t, you could end up dealing with substantial destruction that can take a while to handle.

Solenoid Concerns

Solenoids are responsible for managing fluid travel within transmissions. Solenoids frequently encounter destruction that’s the result of inadequate amounts of fluid. Solenoid concerns are in many situations reminiscent of issues that relate to leakage. They’re often reminiscent of issues that involve fluid amounts that simply aren’t up to par as well. Pay close attention to slipping transmission woes. If you have that situation on your hands and don’t observe any hints of leakage, you should zero in on your solenoid as soon as possible.

Clutch Pedals That Aren’t Firmly in Place

If you realize that your clutch pedal just isn’t firm in its position, then something could be seriously amiss with your car’s transmission. Push down on this pedal. If you pick up on zero action, a slave cylinder issue could be responsible for things. If you have a manual clutch, then it may depend on a master cylinder. For this situation, you can proceed by introducing more transmission fluid. If you have master cylinder leakage that you simply do not pick up on in due time, then transmission destruction could take place. The same thing applies to slave cylinder destruction. Slave cylinders that are faulty often display themselves in the form of gear shifting difficulties.

Steer Clear of Transmission Difficulties

If you want to do your part to steer clear of transmission difficulties of all varieties, then you need to invest in routine maintenance work. Frequent maintenance can boost transmission longevity considerably. It can help you manage your vehicle repair costs, too. If you want to find out more about transmissions and how they operate, we can aid you here at Carolina Auto Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Call our affable staff for transmission service details.


Are You Having Transmission Issues?

Vehicle ownership can make you feel like a hard-working and responsible citizen. You have to earn that reputation, however. If you want others to view you as being a safe and dependable driver, you have to stay on top of things. That’s why you should never drive a car that has any kind of problem. If you believe you are experiencing transmission issues, you need to take it in for professional repair service as soon as possible. A transmission that’s in need of repair work may give you several signals.

Shifting Gear Difficulties

Gear shifting difficulties are frequently tied to transmission concerns. Gears function as indispensable transmission components, after all. Gear shifting abnormalities in most cases are related to transmission matters. If you’re having gear shifting difficulties, getting your vehicle into designated gear mode may be pretty tough. Gear shifting attempts may lead to unpleasant and erratic motions.

Whimpering Sounds

If there’s something wrong with your transmission, you may start hearing inexplicable whimpering sounds. If your car gives off strange humming or whimpering sounds, then something could be out of order. Don’t dismiss a vehicle that’s particularly loud any time it’s in neutral, either.

A Slipping Transmission

Instant slipping of transmission can sometimes point to serious concerns. If you experience inexplicable and mysterious gear adjustments, then you need to investigate the situation as soon as possible. Engine noises sometimes become higher or lower. They may be reminiscent of whining as well.

Engagement That’s Oddly Sluggish

Does your vehicle have an engagement that’s bizarrely sluggish all of a sudden? If you pick up on engagement issues, then they could be related to transmission matters. You may pick up on a delay prior to your vehicle going into drive mode. If you get any premature delays, then you need to sort out the issue with your transmission efficiently and rapidly.

Strange Transmission Reactions

A strange reaction may be related to a transmission that’s just not doing its job correctly. Transmissions, in a nutshell, are made to swiftly switch gears. If your gear switching times are oddly slow, then something just isn’t right.

Fluid Leakage

If you see any fluid in odd areas that do not make any sense to you, then you need to take matters into your own hands and seek professional service. The presence of liquid is never a positive development as far as vehicle transmissions go.

A Burning Odor

Think about your nose. Is it sensitive to an odor that’s redolent of burning? If you get a burning odor any time you’re close to your vehicle, then you need to play it safe. That means that you need to visit a mechanic for an exhaustive assessment as soon as possible. Burning odors can be associated with transmission fluid and immoderate heating.

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Common Transmission Problems

The mere thought of transmission problems strikes fear into the hearts of many car owners. Although the transmission is an important part of your vehicle, not all transmission problems are costly. Common problems involve low fluid levels, old fluid, leaks, slipping or a defective solenoid. Fortunately, the easiest way to avoid transmission problems is through regular preventive maintenance. Here are the most common transmission problems and how to fix them.

Leaks and Low Fluid LevelsCommon Transmission Problems Leaks can cause low fluid levels, which can lead to other problem such as the transmission slipping or overheating. Look for reddish stains on your driveway or garage floor. Lakes and low fluid levels indicate a seal problm, worn gasket or punctured pan. and usually mean that there is a seal problem, puncture pan or worn gasket. Make sure your mechanic properly repairs the leak and that all bolts are retightened.

Ineffective Fluid

Transmission fluid that is old and dirty smells slightly burnt, looks dark red and has lost its usefulness. Its worse if the fluid smells very burnt and is very dark. Transmissions that run on worn fluid will eventually fail and could experience different problems such as overheating. Always replace the transmission filter when you replace fluid.


Slipping transmissions may be the most common problem, but if you can easily pinpoint the cause, it is not necessarily a sign of imminent failure. Your transmission may be slipping include gears shifting suddenly or very slowly. Problems that cause slippage include the aforementioned dirty fluid or transmission leaks. If the fluid is low, replace it. If it is dirty, add transmission fluid or replace it. Other possibilities include worn gears that need replacing or debris within the solenoid.

Solenoid Problems

The electrical component that controls the amount of fluid delivered to the transmission is called the solenoid. A malfunctioning solenoid behaves erratically and may cause too much or too little fluid to be delivered to the transmission. Also, when leaks, bad fluid and worn gears have been ruled out, check the solenoid. Defective solenoids require replacement. Plugging a scanner into your vehicle’s computer will allow your technician to find the exact cause.

The best way to avoid transmission problems is through regular preventive maintenance. Have your transmission checked twice a year or every 6,000 miles and replace fluid when it starts to turn brown.
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Transmission Problems

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Automobile Is Having Transmission Problems

With the hundreds of thousands of issues that can go wrong with a car, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going on. Unless you’ve worked in auto repair shops, or are a car enthusiast, looking under the hood can just leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. In a survey by the Car Care Council, 89% of vehicles are in need of at least one repair. In particular, transmission issues lead to some of the biggest problems and require some of the most expensive auto repair shop bills.

Your car’s transmission needs to be properly maintained in order to allow for the smooth shifting of gears. Here are some major indicators that you may need to take your vehicle. Especially to one of the local transmission repair shops.

Grinding Noises

If your car is grinding, it may suggest that there is a problem with the car’s gears. This can suggest dirty or low transmission fuels, malfunctioning gears, or other severe issues. For manual transmissions, this often indicates a worn clutch or damaged gear synchronizers. For automatic transmissions, a grinding feeling is likely a sign that the system is malfunctioning. It most likely means needs immediate transmission repair service.

Slipping Gears

Slipping gears are when a car’s transmission system has difficulty staying in the gear that it should be in. However, there can also be issues with gearshift hesitation, or gears shifting for no apparent reason. Malfunctioning in the shifting of gears can be caused by a worn or broken gear link.

Leaking Fluid

A car’s transmission system relies on the transmission fluid and keeps the system running smoothly. If your fluid is low despite just being filled, it may be a sign that you need to seek out a repair. You can tell if you’re leaking fluid by looking for signs of a bright red fluid in places where you park.

Burning Smell

A car that lets out a burning smell or other foul odors from under the hood will most likely need to be immediately checked, as it could indicate an issue with the transmission. This is often an indication of overheating gears, which can result from low or dirty transmission fluid. There are other possible explanation for this, though, including leaking brake fluid.

While a car’s transmission is one of the most important parts of a vehicle, it’s not the only thing that should be checked. Auto repair shop experts say that car break pads, brake fluid, radiator hoses, coolant, power steering fluid, and the timing belt should be replaced every 60,000 miles. In addition, oil and the oil filter should be replaced between every 3,000 and 7,000 miles to ensure your vehicle always runs at its best.

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