Used Car

8 Important Steps When Buying Your Next Used Car

With the average price of a new vehicle topping $36,000, it makes more sense to buy a quality used car or truck. However, when buying a used vehicle, you have to more research to ensure you are getting a quality vehicle for the price. Below, we have listed 8 important steps you should take when buying a used vehicle.

1. Research the vehicle’s fair price
Once you have decided what vehicle you would like to purchase, you will want to know the fair value price of the vehicle. Helpful free guides can be found online such as Kelly Blue Book and The price of the vehicle will vary by the mileage and the condition of the car. For instance, if the vehicle has low mileage, then you can expect to pay more for the vehicles.

2. Read the vehicle’s long-term reviews
You can find a number of long-term reviews of any vehicle online. You will want to check for any common major repairs of the vehicle during the first three or four years of ownership. Also, check for a history of recalls, crash test ratings and overall customer satisfaction with the vehicle.

3. Get the vehicle’s history report
Once you have found the specific vehicle, you will want to get a history of that vehicle. All you need is the vehicles VIN number. You can usually find the VIN number on the driver’s side corner of the windshield where the glass meets the dashboard. If you cannot find the VIN number there, then you can check inside the driver’s side door post. If you are considering a private sale, ask the vehicle’s owner for the VIN number. From there, you can get a Carfax report which will give a complete history of the vehicle including crashes, recalls major repairs and ownership history.

4. Carefully inspect the vehicle’s interior and exterior
Once you have checked out the vehicle’s history, you will then want to inspect the vehicle for yourself. First, inspect the vehicle’s exterior to see if there any major dents or blemishes. Check to see if the front and rear headlights are working and check the condition of the tires. On the inside of the vehicle, you will want to check the wear on the seats as well as the condition of the electronics.

5. Go for a test drive
After inspecting the vehicle, you will want to go on a test drive. Check for noises as the vehicle accelerates and breaks. Also, check how well the vehicle accelerates into traffic and how well the vehicle turns.

6. Check for leaks
After you have taken the vehicle for the test drive, check to see if the vehicle is leaking any oil or other liquids. You will want to look under the vehicle and monitor for leaks for at least a couple of minutes after driving it.

7. Check for any repairs
Minor repairs may not be on the Carfax report. So you may want to check for any minor repairs done by the owner. Common repairs are usually done around the bumper area and around the doors where dings and small dents are common.

8. Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle
After you have checked out the vehicle for yourself, you will want to take the used car to a garage to have a mechanic do a full inspection. A mechanic will have a dealer level scan tool that can check every mechanical and computer component on the vehicle. The mechanic can also visually inspect the vehicle, at an expert level, to let you know every that needs to be known about the vehicle.

Water pump

Is Your Car’s Water Pump in Need of Replacement?

Vehicles and Water Pumps

Some vehicle owners make the mistake of forgetting all about the water pump. Since they don’t see it, it doesn’t cross their minds much. This pump has a discreet location right below the cover of the timing belt. Water pumps are more indispensable than many people acknowledge. Lack of a water pump can bring on the perils of overheating. Water pumps are critical aspects of vehicle cooling mechanisms. They encourage water and coolant alike to travel to engines. They tend to be resilient and strong. That doesn’t mean that they’re invulnerable to issues, however. If your vehicle’s water pump is in need of replacement, there may be a number of indications that you just can’t dismiss.

An Overheating Engine

If your water pump ceases working entirely, it will cease managing its coolant circulation duties. This brings on overheating. People who do not fix these situations in swift manners often experience further engine destruction. They may experience pistons that burn or even the splitting of cylinder heads. Concentrate on the temperature gauge of your vehicle’s engine. If it’s often hot, then a water pump issue may just be the reason.

Radiator Steam

It can be nerve-racking to detect a motor that emits steam. If you spot steam emission from the interior of your motor any time you halt or drive, then that’s a surefire engine overheating clue. If you have a water pump that’s operating in the proper manner, the engine should keep a temperature that’s stable and dependable. A water pump that operates in the right way should move H20 over to the radiator. Don’t panic if you see that your motors anterior is giving off steam. Simply cease driving and go to the side of the road to a secure spot. Reach out to a mechanic for help without delay as well.

It can be extremely hazardous to remain behind the wheel during engine overheating. If you make a point to take care of the matter rapidly, it should actually reduce your expenses in the end. Letting the situation intensify may only bring on steeper costs.

Problematic Circulation 

Water pumps are in charge of transferring coolant all over the engine and the radiator. The objective behind this is to dissolve the accumulation of heat. Metal sections that are swift tend to produce substantial degrees of tension. That’s also the reason they produce heat. Excessive heat can do a number on these elements as well. It can melt them, it can interfere with their structures. It can even twist and distort them.

Odd Sounds 

If you have an accessory belt that’s not firmly in place, it may lead to a piercing and unpleasant sound that gets a lot worse as you speed up. You may be able to take care of this via tensioner replacement or belt adjusting. Don’t ignore strange grating noises that the anterior section of your engine emits. These sounds may signify problematic bearings.


If your water pump is on the verge of ceasing to operate, a coolant leak may rear its ugly head. You may see this leak close to the interior of your car. If you leave your vehicle for the night and spot greenish or orange pooling, your pump could be the issue.

Unpleasant Substances 

If you have a leak that intensifies gradually, then it may trigger the collection of an unpleasant and thick substance surrounding the pump. Search for coolant paths that are close to the water pump. The pump may also display a significant degree of rust. If you pick up on these things, then a sluggish leak could be the culprit. These indications generally do not bring on swift breakdowns. They can, however, trigger reduced coolant situations. They can enable the lubrication that’s responsible for safeguarding moving elements within pumps to get out as well. This can harm bearings permanently.

Tired Serpentine Belts 

If there’s something amiss with the pulley for your water pump, your serpentine belt may make that fact crystal clear to you. If you’re glancing below your car’s hood and spot belts that appear excessively exhausted, something is amiss. Pulleys that aren’t perfectly firm can be problematic. They can trigger the movement of belts that are part of water pumps. They can trigger the production of immoderate heat levels as well. This can bring on the destruction of belts. These belts typically consist of nylon and rubber for resilience. If you realize that something just isn’t right with your serpentine belt, then your water pump pulley is probably the reason.

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Obsolete car

Automotive Planned Obsolescence

The car industry is becoming more disposable as car manufacturers look to juice the highest profit-margin possible. Due to the specialization of auto repair, few shops are capable of carrying out the extensive make and model repairs needed to keep autos on the road. This is especially true if the owners have been tight on money from unexpected bills or unknowingly neglected maintenance. Factory manuals are difficult and expensive to come by for most models. If you find any service repair information, it typically ends with advisement. It suggests that you consult a qualified professional to repair your auto beyond the most basic checks. Needless to say, obsolescence is a problem.

The Origins of Planned Obsolescence 

Automakers have been building obsolescence vehicles since the Dark Ages to force consumers to buy a newer vehicle. General Motors (GM) initiated the marketing strategy of aesthetic obsolescence in 1924 to overtake Ford’s edge as the top auto producer. The new generation Volkswagen Jetta is the perfect example of planned aesthetic obsolescence. You can now easily distinguish this seventh generation model from the former by simply looking for the stunning sculptured body lines running along with the side windows. Adding any sort of special features to make a new model line stand out will typically create an inferiority complex for owners of the aging models.

Ironically, Volkswagen had originally mocked the idea of planned obsolescence by explicitly mocking the term in marketing materials. The Doyle Dane Bernbach marketing campaign alleged that Volkswagen does not believe in planned obsolescence and that there was no purpose in publishing a picture of the new 1962 Volkswagen because it remained the same. This was almost satirical, considering the fact that Volkswagen appears to implement this more than most other manufacturers today.

The Perfect Modern Example of Planned Obsolescence 

Volkswagen had specifically engaged in contrived durability problems with its infamous 1.8T engine that burned out turbos and engines with its problematically small oil sump. On top of this, it appears many dealers were instructing the customers to run the engines on conventional oil. Other car manufacturers had employed similar techniques.

The concept is simple. You tweak the parts in an auto to require such an exceptional level of maintenance that they will fail unless serviced by a guru. This frees up the service bays at the dealerships for the routine maintenance of new vehicles that the poorly paid technicians are able to earn sufficient hours on. Volkswagen’s require a special tool for just about everything and are starting to build engines that cannot be rebuilt. Many Volkswagen repairs require expensive factory only parts that can run into the hundreds of dollars for a small piece of plastic.

Auto body Collision Repairs Being Phased Out 

The elimination of bumpers from vehicles has made it more cost-effective to simply replace many luxury vehicles. For example, when they get into a small fender-bender accident the car is more likely to be replaced than fixed. More and more automakers are turning to aluminum to lighten the frames for higher fuel efficiency. Volkswagen was infamous for cheating fuel efficiency.  They created a program that would trick the EPA as another form of juicing every dime out of a sale.

Putting it All Together 

Perhaps this is why Volkswagen is the world’s largest auto manufacturer. They have pulled out every trick to fool consumers into giving them the profit-margins they desire. Instead of revamping an auto to expensively produce a new generation, the car manufacturers can simply outmode internal technology. Making it difficult for SmartPhone users to integrate their latest apps.

Electric vehicles are the next generation of obsolescence. Owners will be shocked when they are told they’ll need to replace their battery at a price of $15,000. These prices can fluctuate wildly as manufacturers blame contrived shortages in certain materials like Boron. This is what recently happened. The reality is that electricity is produced by unregulated coal plants. Therefore, stop and think before you go buy a new electric car. Consider the bigger picture. Finally, Think about what models you can bank on for easy long-term maintenance from an independent garage.

Performance upgrades

Vehicle’s Performance: Simple Tips For Improving

Now that you have done the research, gotten the financing and left the dealership in the technologically advanced automobile you wanted. Your focus has now switched to the vehicle’s performance. While having a great looking car is nice, the ultimate way to judge a vehicle is on its performance. That includes the way it rides, it’s handling, acceleration, traction, braking, safety, fuel efficiency and more. For the average person, when they buy an automobile, the ultimate test of whether or not they made the right choice is how well the vehicle performs.

Ways To Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

If you’re satisfied with your car, but simply want better performance, there are several things to do. One of the options is to upgrade to a performance suspension. This could simply mean adding one or two new components to the suspension system your vehicle currently has or upgrading key components like the springs, struts, shock absorbers, linkages and anti-sway bars and raising or lowering your vehicle’s suspension. Additionally, this can lead to faster acceleration, better handling, a smoother ride, improved cornering, enhanced braking, and better overall performance.

Adding Air Springs

One performance suspension upgrade that’s growing in popularity is replacing a vehicle’s conventional metal springs with air springs. These newest advancements in spring technology use cylinders of air to absorb the vibrations coming from the wheels. The compressed air creates a smoother, more pleasant driving experience. The air springs, which are placed between the body of the car and the wheel, dramatically improve the comfort level of the occupants of the vehicle and the performance of the automobile.

Upgrade The Exhaust System

The most effective modifications you can make to an automobile to improve its performance is to upgrade its exhaust system. By ditching the restrictive stock pipes that come standard on most automobiles and replacing them with a more powerful performance exhaust, your vehicle will receive a massive boost that will result in it having more horsepower, increased torque and better fuel economy. Automobile owners have a wide range of performance exhaust systems from which to choose that can improve the performance of their automobiles almost instantly and maintain those gains for as long as they own the vehicle.

Add A Cold Air Intake

Proper airflow is vitally important for an automobile to perform at its best. The more air the engine gets, the more power it can produce. Plus, cool air gives the engine an additional boost. Common modification car enthusiasts make to their vehicles to improve their performance is to install a cold air intake. As you drive, the cold air intake force-feeds the coolest air possible into the engine of your vehicle. You will experience an immediate surge of power that your vehicle never had before. An additional benefit of adding a cold air intake is your fuel efficiency will improve as well.

Install A High-Flow Fuel Injector

Adding a high-flow fuel injector is a surefire way to increase your vehicle’s horsepower and take its torque into overdrive. High-flow fuel injectors improve the performance of your automobile by maximizing the fuel delivery and atomization. This simple fuel system upgrade allows your vehicle to get all the fuel it needs when it needs it. This results in a smoother, more powerful performance no matter the type of automobile you have. Upgrading your vehicle’s fuel system by using a high-flow fuel injector. This will replace the one that comes on your vehicle and gives it a lot more power.

Upgrade The Air Filters

Believe it or not, changing your air filter makes a big difference in the performance of an automobile. By simply replacing the standard air filter in your vehicle with a high-performance model, you will see a significant uptick in the horsepower and torque your vehicle is able to deliver. Plus, top-of-the-line air filters are also designed to improve fuel efficiency and prolong engine life. It is a well-kept secret among automotive experts that simply changing to a better air filter is one of the least expensive ways to improve the performance of an automobile.

Buy Better Spark Plugs

High-quality spark plugs deliver serious, measurable results. This type of spark plug ignites fuel faster and helps your engine to enjoy more efficient fuel combustion. And getting this type of performance boost doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, performance spark plugs only cost a few dollars more than standard ones.

All these are great ways to improve your vehicle’s performance. Finally, for more great tips and information about car maintenance and auto repair visit our blog!

oil change

Clues That Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Routine oil changes are critical for vehicles of all kinds. They help guarantee optimal engine performance. Oil changes give vehicles to all sorts of positive factors. These include stronger gasoline mileage, reduced emissions and even enhanced engine longevity. Vehicle owners frequently go for oil changes in intervals of three months. They frequently go for them after driving 3,000 miles, too. If your vehicle is ready for an oil change, it may give off a number of clues.

oil change

Oil That’s Unclean

Fresh, high-quality oil typically is light yellowish to somewhat brownish in color. Unclean oil, on the other hand, is usually nowhere near as light. Engine particle and debris accumulation often darkens it considerably. The oil that needs switching in many cases has a noticeably sandy texture as well.

An Oily Odor

If the cabin of your vehicle gives off a noticeably oily odor, then that probably means that it’s ready for an oil change session. This is often a powerful and intense smell. It can often signify leakage, too. It’s frequently combined with exhaust fume or gasoline odors. It can denote vehicle overheating, too. This is never something that you should ignore. Engine overheating can be highly destructive to vehicles. It can sometimes bring on fires as well. People who notice oily odors need to take action and go for prompt oil changes.

Annoying Sounds

Oil in engines naturally degrades with the passing of time. Tired vehicle oil usually becomes denser as time goes on. Dense oil can interfere greatly with the lubrication of engine parts. That’s how it can lead to an engine that’s inordinately noisy. Lubrication breakdowns are often responsible for persistent and irritating engine sounds. If your engine is producing sounds that are making you want to go crazy, then you need to immediately request an oil change.

Acceleration That’s Oddly Slow

Engines that aren’t equipped with clean oil often experience acceleration that’s strangely slow. They frequently experience noticeable drops in power as well. When you notice that your vehicle’s acceleration is nothing like it normally is, then it most likely is waiting for you to get it some clean oil.

Exhaust Smoke

A small amount of tailpipe smoke generally isn’t a reason to panic. The release of tailpipe smoke is especially common in times of lower temperatures. If you pick up on an immoderate level of exhaust smoke, however, you should pay attention to the situation. It can be a signal of potential engine oil leakage. You should promptly assess the amount of oil in your vehicle. Leakage may be rapidly doing away with it.

Check Engine Light

Concentrate on the dashboard to your vehicle. Is the oil change light lit up? If it is, then that generally signifies that your system just isn’t equipped with adequate oil. When you observe this light, you should employ your dipstick in order to evaluate your oil amount. If your oil is lacking, you need to go for an oil change session without a minute of delay.

Metal Bits

The presence of metal bits can in some cases signify that you’re ready to go for an oil change session. Be on the lookout for extremely small bits of metal. They may be so small that you can barely see them. Note, though, that these bits are pretty common inside of engine oil. If you can detect them with your fingers, however, that may signify that something is amiss. Put gloves that are made out of latex on your hands. Attempt to massage the oil in the middle of your thumb and finger. If you can detect the presence of the metal bits, then that can point to engine issues that require prompt addressing.

Oil That Has a Strange and Cloudy Look

H20 and oil are a famously bad combination. These two fluids sometimes interact inside of vehicles. This leads to the development of a substance that has a cloudy look. A couple of different things can trigger this. An engine block that’s split can trigger it. A head gasket that’s no longer working in the correct manner can trigger it as well. You can assess the situation by gazing into your oil filler cap. If you see something that has a rather velvety texture, you need to stop by your local automotive shop as soon as possible.

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Brake Pads Brake Repair Winston Salem NC

Think You Need Brake Pads?

If you’re a driver, then you know just how invaluable an efficient and reliable vehicle braking system is. Dependable brakes are key to strong safety practices behind the wheel, no two ways about it. Fully functional brake pads can help you deal with all kinds of unanticipated issues on the road. All drivers want to be able to handle all types of situations on the road with confidence and ease. Maintaining your brakes in tiptop shape at all times is of the upmost importance.

Never ever disregard indications of faulty brakes. Disregarding them can potentially harm your safety. Pay attention to any and all indications that frequently point to brakes that are in questionable condition.

Be Aware Of The Following Clues Your Braking System May Be Presenting……

⊗ Squealing Noises ⊗

Squealing sounds are a big problem for many vehicle owners. If you notice any, you should address the situation immediately, no exceptions. With that said, the reason for these high-pitched noises frequently indicate that small metal components that are connected to brake pads are in direct contact with rotors. If you fail to take care of this issue as soon as possible, it could lead to the situation getting a lot more severe.

⊗ Odd Vibrations ⊗

Keep in mind, one should never ignore any shaking that takes place during the braking process. Take note of general vehicle, steering wheel or braking pedal vibrating that takes place any time your vehicle moves in a slower manner. This often is an indication of rotors that are in poor condition. Rotors have an important role in vehicle safety as well. That’s because brake pads press them any time they need to establish resistance for stopping purposes.

⊗ Brakes Pedals That Don’t Seem to Do Their Jobs Correctly ⊗

Focus on any brake pedal that has a vibe that’s oddly soft. If your brake pedal is part of that category, then you may have to push it down in an excessive manner to accomplish your stopping goals. This signifies a brake pedal that’s cause for alarm as well. Few things can be more hazardous than a car that doesn’t have the ability to rapidly stop, after all. If you notice anything unusual about your brake pedal, then you need to get professional repair work for it as soon as possible. Ignoring brake pedal issues can oftentimes lead to substantial hazards. Brake pedal issues can denote everything from low brake pads to troubling brake fluid leakages.

⊗ Grating Actions ⊗

Grating actions can in many cases point to severe brake issues in vehicles. This noise is often a clue that brake pads have worn out in a considerable manner. If your brake pads have worn out, then you may have extensive disc destruction on your hands. You need to have a seasoned and reliable mechanic check this situation out without a second of hesitation or questioning.

⊗ Fluid Leakage ⊗

Brake fluid leakage is never a good sign. That’s why conscientious vehicle owners should never ever brush it off. Brake fluid leakages make people more vulnerable to braking power loss. If you want to safeguard yourself against this difficulty, then you have to manage the situation without delay.

⊗ ABS Lights Going On ⊗

If your ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) light goes on, then you need to do something about it immediately. Vehicle dashboards are equipped with helpful indicator lights that denote existing or upcoming issues of all kinds. Brake system lights are ABS lights. When you see this light, that means that something with your braking system is amiss.

⊗ Tugging ⊗

Vehicles ideally need to operate in straight manners during the use of brakes. If your vehicle moves over to the right or the left side, that may be a hint of a problem. It may point to brake pad deterioration that isn’t at all consistent. It may point to a concern that’s a lot more severe than that as well. Note, too, that vehicle tugging can sometimes even be related to the presence of brake fluid contaminants. It can sometimes be related to faulty wheel cylinders as well. Only a capable mechanic can solve this dilemma for you. Vehicle tugging isn’t necessarily a complex problem, however. Simple brake tweaks may be able to sort things out for you. Extra fluid may be able to remedy the situation, too.

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If you pick up on anything out of the ordinary regarding your brake system, swing by or give us a call. We employ only talented mechanics who are thorough and enthusiastic. Carolina Auto Service is located in lovely Winston-Salem. Our team members specialize in brake maintenance and repair services that are of the highest quality possible. They can aid you with everything from unusual noises to headache-inducing leaks and beyond.

Water Pumps

Water Pumps: 7 Most Common Signs You May Have A Problem

First of all, there are many elements that make up efficient, effective and safe vehicles. Water pumps are a prominent example. If you want your car to run perfectly and without issue, then it needs to be equipped with a functional water pump at all times.

Keep in mind, water pumps essentially are the center of vehicle engine cooling systems. They’re in charge of distributing coolant into various engine sectors. They manage coolant flow patterns, too.

Vehicle engines generate significant amounts of heat which are why it’s critical for cooling systems to be functioning correctly. If not, serious destruction will likely occur. If you want to stop potential destruction, then you need the cooperation of a dependable water pump.

It’s critical for all vehicle owners to be aware of clues of water pump problems. If your water pump isn’t operating well, replacement or repair service may be required.

Remember, defective water pumps can trigger engine overheating. There are numerous signs that frequently point to water pumps that just aren’t working in an optimal manner.

Water Pumps: Most Common Signs/Symptoms Of  Problems Are:

Conspicuous Fluid Leakage

Water pumps are all equipped with weep holes. If you observe any degree of weep hole leakage, that could be a sign that your water pump is on the verge of breaking down. It can help to be aware of factors that can bring on this kind of leakage. Coolant that’s contaminated in any way is a potential causal factor.

An Overheating Engine

Water pumps sometimes break down. These breakdowns stop water pumps from managing their engine block coolant circulation duties well. This can cause overheating.

It’s critical to take care of overheating without dillydallying for a second. If you don’t, it could bring on further engine destruction.

Worn out pistons are a potential risk. Other potential risks are head gaskets that are out of place and cylinder head-splitting. Prompt replacement or repair work can in many cases manage overheating engine dilemmas.

Noticeable Corrosion

Look at the surface of your water pump, if you see any signs of rust, take immediate action. Corrosion often emerges on the top of impeller fins. This corrosion is problematic due to the fact that it can stop your pump from handling coolant motion in the appropriate fashion.

Deposit Accumulation

Deposit accumulation can sometimes signify the need for a swift water pump service. Scale and sludge can sometimes gather inside of water pumps. This can bring on heavy clogging.

As well, it can also interfere with the operations of specific elements. Additionally, coolant that’s in any way contaminated may be the culprit. Combining coolants that simply aren’t good matches can sometimes be the root cause as well.

The Presence of Radiator Steam

You should assess your radiator if you see the front part of your car giving off steam. You may need to handle your problematic water pump without delay.

Steam typically denotes engine overheating. Also, engines keep predictable and reliable temperatures any time their water pumps are functioning correctly.

Be attentive to indications of radiator steam. If you realize that your radiator is releasing steam, you should stop driving without hesitation and reach out to a reputable mechanic. Additionally, driving with an engine that’s overheating can be a major hazard to you and to the other people who are nearby.

Unusual and Persistent Noises

Focus on the front section of your motor. Is it giving off a strange humming or droning sound? If it is, a belt that’s loose could be the cause. Also, belt circulation can bring on unusual noises. There are numerous factors that can contribute to belt looseness as well.

Water pump bearings that are worn out can cause belt looseness. Additionally, the same goes for pulleys that are in any way lose. If your water pump bearings are tired, repair work isn’t a viable choice. Full replacement is the sole path that’s suitable in these situations.

Shifts in Temperature

Shifts in temperature can sometimes signify water pump issues. Cooling systems that are in optimal condition tend to promote temperatures that are unwavering.

Concentrate on your temperature gauge. Is it going back and forth between hot and typical readings? If it is, then a questionable water pump could be the reason. Note that this can sometimes point to radiators that are not working correctly as well.

It’s crucial for all vehicle owners to make dependable water pumps top priorities. Driving around with a water pump that’s less than 100 percent effective can put you in danger. It can endanger passengers and fellow drivers around you, too.

Indeed, for top-quality water pump replacement or repair work in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, Carolina Auto Service is on hand to provide it for you. Never dismiss bizarre sounds or leaks of any kind. Lastly, call us now for information and to request an appointment.

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Is Your Vehicle Due for Timing Belt Replacement?

Is Your Vehicle Due for Timing Belt Replacement?

There are so many components that contribute to reliable and safe vehicles. Timing belts are merely one example. These are internal combustion engine elements that manage engine camshaft driving needs. They’re sometimes called “cam belts” or “timing chains,” too. Unfortunately, timing belts don’t last forever. As they age, they also get weaker. Timing belt breakdowns can trigger the destruction of other parts of your car’s engine as well. You should follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule and replace your timing belt accordingly. However, mechanical components can malfunction at anytime. This is why it’s good to know what to watch for when determining whether your vehicle might need a timing belt replacement outside the manufacturer’s recommendations. Dependable timing belts are essential for optimal engine performance and drivability.

Reduced Material

Belt deterioration is similar to tire deterioration in many ways. Reduced grip can lead to reduced traction. Reduced traction can promote the slipping of the timing belt. Slipping is particularly common in times of significant load applications. If you’re ever transporting a trailer from one location to another, slippage may be a possibility. Damp weather conditions can also boost the chances of slippage. If your timing belt experiences reduced material, then it may be 100 percent ready for replacement.

Difficulty Starting and Keeping Your Vehicle Going

Full alignment is necessary for timing belt operational success. Timing belts are actually pretty sensitive components. Timing problems can bring on all sorts of issues with your vehicle. They can bring on major starting troubles as well. Interference with the proper timing of all the specific elements that contribute to vehicle starting can make running a vehicle smoothly seem next to impossible. If starting your car recently has become a seriously stressful affair, you need to think about timing belt replacement as soon as possible.

A Timing Belt That’s Significantly Lengthier Than Before

Reduced material has the power to alter timing belt length significantly. This can force the tensioner to go past its boundaries. Thus, decreasing tension in general. Consequently your vehicle’s overall performance. If you’re enthusiastic about strong vehicle performance, you need to focus on timing belt length at all times.

Exhaust Troubles

Focus on an exhaust that’s giving off substantially higher amounts of smoke than before. If your exhaust is part of that category, a problem with your timing belt could be the root cause. This will force the engine to overexert itself. That’s because it will make an effort to surpass the rest of its elements. If you pick up on anything out of the ordinary with your vehicle’s exhaust, your timing belt may require replacement.

Conspicuous Cracking

Take a close look at your timing belt. Do you observe any hints of cracking? Cracks signify that your timing belt simply isn’t as strong as it should be. That means that you should replace it without a second of hesitation or questioning. Excessive timing belt cracks frequently point to immoderate deterioration.

Unusual Glazing

Does your timing belt have an odd glazing problem? If it does, you shouldn’t ignore it for a second longer. Look at the lower portion of your timing belt. Does it have a bizarrely gleaming and shimmering look? If it does, then that denotes belt rigidity. Belts that are rigid simply are unable to offer the required degree of adjustability. Mechanics can assess timing belts that have glazed looks. They can aim to put dents on belt surfaces. If nothing shows up at all, replacement is of the essence.

Power Loss

A faulty timing belt can bring on engine power loss, strangely enough. This occurs as a response to immoderate moisture levels. If high amounts of moisture get caught in the middle of the pulleys and the belt, belt hydroplaning can take place.

Alignment Woes

Is there anything amiss with the alignment of your timing belt? This kind of problem can suggest the breakdown of the internal elements that are associated with your tensioner. Tensioner breakdown can be hard to ignore as well. That’s because it can lead to significant and unpleasant noise. It can give off high amounts of heat. It can even cause major vibrations. If there’s anything wrong with your timing belt’s alignment, you need to take action and find out about replacement.

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You need a dependable timing belt in your life, end of story. If you detect any signs of trouble with your timing belt, you need to play it safe and get professional service. Get in contact with Carolina Auto Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina now to set up an appointment for top-notch timing belt replacement service.

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Why Routine Brake Service Is a Good Idea

Why Routine Brake Service Is a Good Idea

Routine Brake Service: What Can You Get Out of It?

Owning and driving a vehicle you can call your own is a privilege and honor. It’s also a major responsibility. If you want to be the epitome of a responsible driver, you have to take care of your vehicle properly. That involves a lot more than just parking it at night and washing it occasionally. It entails making sure that your vehicle is always 100 percent safe.

Your goal should be to make sure that your car is in tiptop shape at all times. A safe car proves that you respect your own well-being. It proves that you respect the well-being of the other people around you, too. Nothing means more than that.

Many different factors go into balanced vehicle safety. It can be smart to begin with brake service. Your brakes are a critical part of the functioning of your car. The brakes, in short, can halt your vehicle when necessary. They help you slow down when necessary, too. This is invaluable for safety purposes.

Brake Service Can Offer You Better Safety

It’s no secret that reliable brakes are essential for safe vehicle operations. If you want to make sure that your brakes are always safer than safe, professional service is your finest bet. Faulty brakes can make you more susceptible to dangerous collisions on the road. Brake failure is a major hazard that can lead to accidents of all sizes. It can frequently result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you notice anything amiss with your brakes, then you need to take your car in for professional attention without a second of hesitation. Brake pad replacement or repair work may be crucial.

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Brake Service Can Enhance the Longevity of Your Brakes

Routine brake maintenance is critical for people who want to maintain brakes that are in excellent and dependable shape for a long time. If you invest in frequent brake maintenance service, it can alert you to the need for new hoses, brake pads and small components in general. Replacing these elements is beneficial due to the fact that it can boost the strength of components of your vehicle that are a lot costlier. Replacing smaller elements can often keep your brake rotors and master cylinder in excellent working order.

If you notice any clues that suggest the deterioration of your hoses or brake pads, you should take care of them as soon as possible. Doing so can often protect you from brake problems that are a lot bigger and more complex. It can often safeguard your brakes overall and keep them working beautifully for a long while. If you want more brake mileage, routine service is the sensible approach.

Routine Brake Service Can Protect Your Bank Account

Brake service can often safeguard people from particularly time-consuming and serious brake problems. Severe brake problems often cost a lot to fix, too. If you want to be able to identify and take care of brake issues before they get the power to grow in intensity, then frequent service is optimal. Preventative maintenance can do so much for your peace of mind any time you’re behind the wheel. It can also keep your finances intact. No one likes the idea of spending a fortune on significant brake troubles.

Are Your Brakes in Strong Working Order?

It can be helpful to pay attention to your brakes at all times. Know the signs that denote issues with your brakes. They may alert you to the need for repair work or even replacement. This can keep you safe while you’re driving. You always want to steer clear of driving with problematic brakes. Nothing is ever worth that risk. If potential brake failure is in your future, you may hear strange squealing and grinding sounds. These sounds may suggest brake pad issues. Note, too, that tired pads frequently harm other vital brake components. That’s why you should never dismiss them.

There are a good number of other clues that can notify you of possible brake troubles. These clues include brake pedals that just aren’t as receptive as before, odd vehicle “tugging” actions during the braking process and braking vibrations. If you observe or experience any of these things, then you need to stop everything and take your vehicle in for service. You have no time to dillydally. Your safety is paramount. The safety of other drivers on the road with you is paramount, too.

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Does your car need a new water pump?

Does Your Car Need a New Water Pump?

Why are Water Pumps so Important?

A lot of different things go into keeping a vehicle running smoothly and safely. It’s critical to make sure that your engine is in fine working order. It’s just as critical to keep up on your radiator maintenance, timing belt and water pump, too. A reliable water pump is essential for the functioning of any car. Water pumps are designed to force coolant into hoses, radiators and engine blocks. The goal is to force heat to move away from the rest of the vehicle’s system. Once coolant accesses the pump, it make its way into the engine in full and soaks up any heat that arises due to combustion. It, after that, accesses the radiator. This enables heat to leave and go outside.

What Leads to Car Water Pump Breakdowns?

A couple of different factors can lead to auto water pump trouble. These factors include inadequate load balance, substantial amounts of vibration and, last but not least, the presence of fluid contamination. Fluid contamination is problematic and sometimes makes abrasive components get close to the pump. This triggers early breakdown of the shaft. Loads that have insufficient balance are often the consequence of loose mounting bolts. They’re sometimes the consequence of mounting bolts that have faulty torque, problematic mounted fan setup, bent pulleys and warped pulleys. These things can also bring on immoderate vibration as well. If a car experiences water pump breakdown that’s related to issues with vibration or balance, shaft troubles may arise. Shaft breakdowns can in many cases bring on significant destruction to any and all nearby elements.

Signs of a Faulty Water Pump

A reliable water pump is essential for any strong and functional engine. If you have any concerns that involve the condition of your water pump, then you need to do something about them immediately. You need to take your vehicle in for prompt professional water pump repair or replacement services. Skilled, experienced and qualified mechanics can troubleshoot your car and determine exactly what’s going on. They can figure out exactly how you should proceed, too. If you want to stay on top of any and all potential water pump headaches, you should learn possible signs of issues. This knowledge can stop water pump woes from escalating.

Coolant Leaks

Water pumps are sometimes responsible for coolant leakage. If you notice a coolant leak, don’t ignore it for a second. Inadequate amounts of cooling system coolant can trigger overheating.

Temperature Gauge Rises

Take a look at your car’s temperature gauge. Has it moved over to the “red” area? This can signify various issues with your cooling system, specifically water pump breakdown.

Dashboard Indicator Light Clues

Cars are equipped with dashboard indicator lights that clue people in in the event of problems. Your check engine light can function as a convenient and helpful warning in many situations. Vehicles often have cooling system lights that put messages on display. They may feature “low coolant” messages. They may even feature thermostat images that help you figure out what you need to do next. If you notice dashboard indicator lights switching on, you need to seek the assistance of a capable professional as soon as possible.

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A Water Pump Pulley That’s Strangely Loose

Search for your vehicle’s water pump and then access the section the belt encases. Attempt to push and tug on this component if at all possible. This component is referred to as the “pulley.” Does it seem loose at all? If you’re able to rattle it without a problem, pay attention. It may indicate trouble with its bearing. That may mean that you need to invest in water pump replacement immediately.

Strange Pounding and Crushing Sounds

Does your dashboard gauge suggest that your vehicle is unusually hot? Start your car. Ask yourself if you detect a low pounding or crushing sound that originates in the front of your engine. If your water pump’s bearings are experiencing any kind of difficulties, detecting this bizarre sound should be a piece of cake for you.

Never Ignore Indications of Overheating

It’s essential to never ever dismiss any indications of vehicle overheating whatsoever. Overheating problems can often trigger markedly more severe and time-consuming ones. If you want to protect your vehicle from particularly frustrating and complex troubles, then you need to stay on top of overheating matters at all times.

Reach Out to Carolina Auto Service As Soon As Possible

Do you notice anything out of the ordinary with your water pump or vehicle in general? Get in touch with Carolina Auto Service located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our mechanics can provide you with top-quality water pump repair. They can provide you with A+ water pump replacement, too. Reach out to our courteous, organized and efficient staff members as soon as possible for more information.

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