Replace Spark Plugs

Replace Spark Plugs As Per Recommendations OR Reap The Repercussions

Alert to any and all persons that get behind the wheel of a gas powered vehicle….. Replace spark plugs as per your manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. If you don’t it will catch up to you one way or another. Whether it be via a complete breakdown, loss of power while driving, or maybe just simply through more regular fill ups, spark plugs are important. And so is replacing them when the time calls for it.

The vast majority of drivers probably don’t spend much time thinking about their spark plugs. Many may not even have a clue what a spark plug is or the role of the plugs in the vehicle.This is unfortunate given the significance of spark plugs. replacement of their spark plugs, etc. Read on to find out….

Spark plugs, in a nutshell, are vital components of vehicle engines that are in tiptop shape. Spark plugs need to be in A+ shape in order to ensure that engines release power correctly. Spark plug status can influence all sorts of factors beyond engine power. It can even influence engine operations and quality of vehicle fuel economy. People need to go above and beyond to look at their spark plugs regularly. That’s the reason they need to be well-versed in indications of problems with these plugs. People sometimes have to swap their spark plugs out with brand new ones. These plugs are essential components of vehicle ignition systems.

Vehicle Starting Difficulties

Has starting your vehicle out of nowhere become a difficult task? If it has, then odds are high that you need to replace spark plugs as soon as possible. Spark plugs that are tired out can make vehicle starting a total headache. Spark plugs that are tired out can force ignition systems to overexert themselves. They can even lead to battery draining. If you’re dealing with vehicle starting woes, you should consider the state of your spark plugs prior to doing anything else at all.

Significant Fuel Use

If you have spark plugs that are fatigued, then you may have to deal with significant fuel use. Plugs that aren’t in excellent shape have the ability to reduce fuel economy drastically. If you have to go to the gasoline station all of the time all of a sudden, then you should think about the possibility of having to replace your existing spark plugs.

The Absence of Acceleration Might Signify It’s Time 2 Replace Spark Plugs

Do you have an engine that’s oddly slow? If you do, then your spark plugs could be the reason. They could be exhausted. Exhausted spark plugs in many cases lead to the pure absence of acceleration. If you have an engine that’s inexplicably slow, then swapping its spark plugs may just turn the situation around swiftly.

A Check Engine Light That Switches On

Has your check engine light switched on? If it has, then you have no reason in the world to enter panic mode. You may just have to go forward with spark plug replacement. Tired spark plugs can bring on check engine lights that switch on seemingly out of the blue. If you have a spark plug that’s on the track to a breakdown, then your check engine light may make an appearance in your life. This may bring on engine misfiring. This misfiring may lead to the presence of the aforementioned light. If you have an engine light that’s flickering on and off, then you should never rule out the possibility of detrimental misfires. That means that you need to address the matter without any delay whatsoever. You can do so by taking your car in for professional assistance and spark plug replacement.

Aggressive Engine Idling Is A Very Common Indication That You May Need To Replace Spark Plugs

Has aggressive engine idling out of nowhere become the bane of your existence as a vehicle driver and owner? If it has, then that may be an indication that you need to replace spark plugs right away. Engines in most situations don’t make harsh idling sounds. If you’re quiet, you may realize that your engine is producing a sound that’s reminiscent of clanging or banging. If you do, then your existing spark plugs may just be the big, bad culprit.

A Suitable Timeframe: At The Least, Replace Spark Plugs As Per Your Vehicle’s Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance Schedule

It’s always critical for vehicle owners to pay close attention to the instructions that are available to them through manufacturers. Take a careful look at the manual that you received upon purchase of your car. You may come across appropriate timeframes for spark plug replacement. If you do, then you should abide by them without any reluctance. Abiding by the recommendations that are on hand to you from manufacturers can potentially save you from having to deal with a lot of frustration and hassle.

If you don’t want to have to deal with any spark plug-related hassles, then you should make a point to replace them at the least at the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. It is also highly advisable that you use the exact same, original equipment spark plugs. Although there are many other products that claim to be capable of handling the job of producing spark to ignite the fuel in your car, the best choice is one identical to that of what originally came in your vehicle.

Also consider getting a complete engine tune-up. Changing out old for new spark plugs is a key aspect of a thorough engine tune up. This can do a lot for drivers who want to keep all kinds of irritating troubles at bay.

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Car Radiator Maintenance In Winston Salem NC

Car Radiator Maintenance In Winston Salem NC

A plethora of different parts work simultaneously together in order for your vehicle to run in a smooth and safe manner. Your car radiator is an indispensable part that keeps your car or truck properly running.

Vehicle radiators, in a nutshell, are tools that manage the cooling of engines. They’re composed of slender tubes that accommodate fluid. If you want your vehicle to be 100 percent safe and dependable, then you need to be certain to maintain your car or truck’s radiator properly at all times.

It can be helpful to know all about typical indications of car radiator troubles. If you detect that anything seems out of the ordinary or amiss with your vehicle, then a faulty car radiator may just be to blame. People should take care of radiator repair requirements as swiftly as possible. Allowing them to stick around can often lead to substantial troubles further on down the line. As well as, complete breakdowns at any time while driving.

Smoke That’s Whitish in Coloration

Cooling troubles are in many situations characterized by smoke that’s whitish in coloration. If you observe your car giving off pale smoke, then you need to address the matter. This smoke may originate inside of the tailpipe. It may originate right below the hood as well.

The presence of smoke is sometimes associated with overheating. That’s the reason that it’s never something that vehicle owners should dismiss. If you notice white smoke coming from you car or truck, then you need to head to a mechanic as soon as possible. A professional mechanic, such as the men and women at Carolina Mobile Auto Service, will assess the white smoke coming from your vehicle and diagnose its problem. Then work diligently to get you back on the road safely.

A Coolant Leak That You Can See With Your Own Eyes

You may observe a substance that’s a vibrant green color gathering in your driveway. It may give off a smell that’s oddly sweet. If you don’t see this substance gathering on the ground, you may see it leaking slowly from somewhere beneath your car’s hood.

Where ever the typically neon green but occasionally neon orange colored fluid is leaking from, it likely signifies the unwelcome presence of classic coolant leak.

Inadequate Coolant Amounts In Your Car Radiator

Every driver should know how to do a basic fluid level check of their car or truck’s main fluids. This absolutely includes the fluid found in ones radiator, that being antifreeze. Coolant should be within the designated markings on the radiator’s overflow jug. Normally there’s a min and a max marking. The overflow jug is located directly under your hood typically to the right or left of your vehicle’s radiator. The cap of the overflow should indicate the type of fluid it holds. Normally the jug is semi transparent, although as it ages it may be more difficult to see through.

If you prefer to take your vehicle in to a professional mechanic, come see us at Carolina Mobile Auto Service. We take car of our customers and their rides. It’s just, what we do.

Routine maintenance sessions, like regular oil changes and regularly getting tires rotated are key for those vehicle owners that want to steer clear of issues. Professional auto repair shops make it a point to check and top off fluid levels during other routine maintenance tasks. These routine fluid level checks could be what keeps you and your vehicle off the side of the road.

If you think you may have a coolant leak, immediately take your vehicle in to your repair shop to have it checked. Antifreeze is harmful to the environment. If an animal happens to lap it up from your leak, death is almost imminent. So, for the safety of yourself, your vehicle, your fury friends, and also environment fix coolant leaks immediately.

Hood Color Irregularities

If you want to discover rather moderate indications of truck or car radiator woes, then it can help you to zero in on hood color irregularities. If you gaze below your hood and realize that some of the paint is gone, then something could be amiss. Possibly you may notice the presence of rust, then its highly possible that an antifreeze leak could be to blame.

A Temperature Gauge That Keeps Getting Higher and Higher

You should never assume that a temperature gauge that keeps getting higher and higher is no big deal. Above standard vehicle temperatures almost always point to radiator troubles. If you have a cooling network that cannot manage the temperature of your car’s engine in the correct manner, as soon as possible bring your vehicle in for diagnosis and repair. It’s very likely that a car radiator issue will rapidly cause vehicle breakdown.

The Accumulation of Nasty Muck

If you realize that your engine is home to the accumulation of unsightly and unwelcome filth and muck, then you may be able to blame issues that involve your radiator. Radiator coolant has to be either neon green or neon orange in color. Zero exceptions.

If you have an epiphany and see coolant that doesn’t have coloring that makes sense, then something may be faulty with your radiator. Discoloration can often point to the accumulation of contamination inside of a radiator. Contaminants are never ever positive news. That’s due to the fact that they can hurt the functioning of radiators in considerable ways.

If you have any concerns that involve muck, coloring or anything else, then you need to recruit a capable and sedulous mechanic without any dillydallying.

The Absence of Routine Preventative Maintenance Sessions

People who want their radiators to work in effective manners need to be enthusiastic about any and all upkeep requirements. If you haven’t set up an appointment for professional vehicle maintenance service, then you shouldn’t be too shocked if you come across anxiety-inducing radiator difficulties. Many different things go into routine car maintenance assessments. Mechanics often put a lot of time into any and all radiator matters.

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oil change

Benefits Of Getting An Oil Change

One of the best things that you can do to maintain your vehicle is to change the oil. It is a part of basic car maintenance. Your car will not be able to run smoothly without regular oil changes. There are several reasons you will need to get your oil changed.

Keep the Engine Clean

Dirt and other particles will start to build up in your engine if you do not change the oil on a regular basis. The dirt and debris can do a lot of damage. You will be able to keep your engine clean and protect it by getting the oil changed on a regular basis.

Boost Engine Performance

The oil keeps the engine parts lubricated. Your engine will perform better as a result of this. You will also have a quieter and smoother ride.

Get Better Gas Mileage

The gas prices are fluctuating. Your gas mileage is also affected by many things such as personal driving habits, terrain, and environment. However, you can still save money on gas by getting your oil changed because your gas mileage will improve.

Dirt and grit cause engine friction. If there is a lot of friction in the engine, then it will not be able to perform properly. That is why a dirty engine will force your car to use more gas.

Less Harmful Emissions

You will be protecting the environment by getting your oil changed. Less pollution will be released into the environment if the oil is clean. Additionally, fresh oil is less likely to burn and is able to absorb the particles better.

Extend The Life Of Your Engine

You will be able to keep your vehicle on the road much longer if the oil is changed on a regular basis. Your engine will last a lot longer. Your car will also be less likely to break down.

It is Affordable

It is relatively inexpensive to get your oil changed. Paying a small fee to get the oil changed can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

How Often Do I Need To Get My Oil Changed?

The general recommendation for oil changes is once every 3,000 miles, which is about every three months. However, some cars are able to go longer without an oil change. If you have questions about an oil change, then you will need to consult with the owner’s manual. To schedule your next oil change give us a call today!

Is Your Vehicle Due for Timing Belt Replacement?

Is Your Vehicle Due for Timing Belt Replacement?

There are so many components that contribute to reliable and safe vehicles. Timing belts are merely one example. These are internal combustion engine elements that manage engine camshaft driving needs. They’re sometimes called “cam belts” or “timing chains,” too. Unfortunately, timing belts don’t last forever. As they age, they also get weaker. Timing belt breakdowns can trigger the destruction of other parts of your car’s engine as well. You should follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule and replace your timing belt accordingly. However, mechanical components can malfunction at anytime. This is why it’s good to know what to watch for when determining whether your vehicle might need a timing belt replacement outside the manufacturer’s recommendations. Dependable timing belts are essential for optimal engine performance and drivability.

Reduced Material

Belt deterioration is similar to tire deterioration in many ways. Reduced grip can lead to reduced traction. Reduced traction can promote the slipping of the timing belt. Slipping is particularly common in times of significant load applications. If you’re ever transporting a trailer from one location to another, slippage may be a possibility. Damp weather conditions can also boost the chances of slippage. If your timing belt experiences reduced material, then it may be 100 percent ready for replacement.

Difficulty Starting and Keeping Your Vehicle Going

Full alignment is necessary for timing belt operational success. Timing belts are actually pretty sensitive components. Timing problems can bring on all sorts of issues with your vehicle. They can bring on major starting troubles as well. Interference with the proper timing of all the specific elements that contribute to vehicle starting can make running a vehicle smoothly seem next to impossible. If starting your car recently has become a seriously stressful affair, you need to think about timing belt replacement as soon as possible.

A Timing Belt That’s Significantly Lengthier Than Before

Reduced material has the power to alter timing belt length significantly. This can force the tensioner to go past its boundaries. Thus, decreasing tension in general. Consequently your vehicle’s overall performance. If you’re enthusiastic about strong vehicle performance, you need to focus on timing belt length at all times.

Exhaust Troubles

Focus on an exhaust that’s giving off substantially higher amounts of smoke than before. If your exhaust is part of that category, a problem with your timing belt could be the root cause. This will force the engine to overexert itself. That’s because it will make an effort to surpass the rest of its elements. If you pick up on anything out of the ordinary with your vehicle’s exhaust, your timing belt may require replacement.

Conspicuous Cracking

Take a close look at your timing belt. Do you observe any hints of cracking? Cracks signify that your timing belt simply isn’t as strong as it should be. That means that you should replace it without a second of hesitation or questioning. Excessive timing belt cracks frequently point to immoderate deterioration.

Unusual Glazing

Does your timing belt have an odd glazing problem? If it does, you shouldn’t ignore it for a second longer. Look at the lower portion of your timing belt. Does it have a bizarrely gleaming and shimmering look? If it does, then that denotes belt rigidity. Belts that are rigid simply are unable to offer the required degree of adjustability. Mechanics can assess timing belts that have glazed looks. They can aim to put dents on belt surfaces. If nothing shows up at all, replacement is of the essence.

Power Loss

A faulty timing belt can bring on engine power loss, strangely enough. This occurs as a response to immoderate moisture levels. If high amounts of moisture get caught in the middle of the pulleys and the belt, belt hydroplaning can take place.

Alignment Woes

Is there anything amiss with the alignment of your timing belt? This kind of problem can suggest the breakdown of the internal elements that are associated with your tensioner. Tensioner breakdown can be hard to ignore as well. That’s because it can lead to significant and unpleasant noise. It can give off high amounts of heat. It can even cause major vibrations. If there’s anything wrong with your timing belt’s alignment, you need to take action and find out about replacement.

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Why Routine Brake Service Is a Good Idea

Why Routine Brake Service Is a Good Idea

Routine Brake Service: What Can You Get Out of It?

Owning and driving a vehicle you can call your own is a privilege and honor. It’s also a major responsibility. If you want to be the epitome of a responsible driver, you have to take care of your vehicle properly. That involves a lot more than just parking it at night and washing it occasionally. It entails making sure that your vehicle is always 100 percent safe.

Your goal should be to make sure that your car is in tiptop shape at all times. A safe car proves that you respect your own well-being. It proves that you respect the well-being of the other people around you, too. Nothing means more than that.

Many different factors go into balanced vehicle safety. It can be smart to begin with brake service. Your brakes are a critical part of the functioning of your car. The brakes, in short, can halt your vehicle when necessary. They help you slow down when necessary, too. This is invaluable for safety purposes.

Brake Service Can Offer You Better Safety

It’s no secret that reliable brakes are essential for safe vehicle operations. If you want to make sure that your brakes are always safer than safe, professional service is your finest bet. Faulty brakes can make you more susceptible to dangerous collisions on the road. Brake failure is a major hazard that can lead to accidents of all sizes. It can frequently result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you notice anything amiss with your brakes, then you need to take your car in for professional attention without a second of hesitation. Brake pad replacement or repair work may be crucial.

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Brake Service Can Enhance the Longevity of Your Brakes

Routine brake maintenance is critical for people who want to maintain brakes that are in excellent and dependable shape for a long time. If you invest in frequent brake maintenance service, it can alert you to the need for new hoses, brake pads and small components in general. Replacing these elements is beneficial due to the fact that it can boost the strength of components of your vehicle that are a lot costlier. Replacing smaller elements can often keep your brake rotors and master cylinder in excellent working order.

If you notice any clues that suggest the deterioration of your hoses or brake pads, you should take care of them as soon as possible. Doing so can often protect you from brake problems that are a lot bigger and more complex. It can often safeguard your brakes overall and keep them working beautifully for a long while. If you want more brake mileage, routine service is the sensible approach.

Routine Brake Service Can Protect Your Bank Account

Brake service can often safeguard people from particularly time-consuming and serious brake problems. Severe brake problems often cost a lot to fix, too. If you want to be able to identify and take care of brake issues before they get the power to grow in intensity, then frequent service is optimal. Preventative maintenance can do so much for your peace of mind any time you’re behind the wheel. It can also keep your finances intact. No one likes the idea of spending a fortune on significant brake troubles.

Are Your Brakes in Strong Working Order?

It can be helpful to pay attention to your brakes at all times. Know the signs that denote issues with your brakes. They may alert you to the need for repair work or even replacement. This can keep you safe while you’re driving. You always want to steer clear of driving with problematic brakes. Nothing is ever worth that risk. If potential brake failure is in your future, you may hear strange squealing and grinding sounds. These sounds may suggest brake pad issues. Note, too, that tired pads frequently harm other vital brake components. That’s why you should never dismiss them.

There are a good number of other clues that can notify you of possible brake troubles. These clues include brake pedals that just aren’t as receptive as before, odd vehicle “tugging” actions during the braking process and braking vibrations. If you observe or experience any of these things, then you need to stop everything and take your vehicle in for service. You have no time to dillydally. Your safety is paramount. The safety of other drivers on the road with you is paramount, too.

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Does your car need a new water pump?

Does Your Car Need a New Water Pump?

Why are Water Pumps so Important?

A lot of different things go into keeping a vehicle running smoothly and safely. It’s critical to make sure that your engine is in fine working order. It’s just as critical to keep up on your radiator maintenance, timing belt and water pump, too. A reliable water pump is essential for the functioning of any car. Water pumps are designed to force coolant into hoses, radiators and engine blocks. The goal is to force heat to move away from the rest of the vehicle’s system. Once coolant accesses the pump, it make its way into the engine in full and soaks up any heat that arises due to combustion. It, after that, accesses the radiator. This enables heat to leave and go outside.

What Leads to Car Water Pump Breakdowns?

A couple of different factors can lead to auto water pump trouble. These factors include inadequate load balance, substantial amounts of vibration and, last but not least, the presence of fluid contamination. Fluid contamination is problematic and sometimes makes abrasive components get close to the pump. This triggers early breakdown of the shaft. Loads that have insufficient balance are often the consequence of loose mounting bolts. They’re sometimes the consequence of mounting bolts that have faulty torque, problematic mounted fan setup, bent pulleys and warped pulleys. These things can also bring on immoderate vibration as well. If a car experiences water pump breakdown that’s related to issues with vibration or balance, shaft troubles may arise. Shaft breakdowns can in many cases bring on significant destruction to any and all nearby elements.

Signs of a Faulty Water Pump

A reliable water pump is essential for any strong and functional engine. If you have any concerns that involve the condition of your water pump, then you need to do something about them immediately. You need to take your vehicle in for prompt professional water pump repair or replacement services. Skilled, experienced and qualified mechanics can troubleshoot your car and determine exactly what’s going on. They can figure out exactly how you should proceed, too. If you want to stay on top of any and all potential water pump headaches, you should learn possible signs of issues. This knowledge can stop water pump woes from escalating.

Coolant Leaks

Water pumps are sometimes responsible for coolant leakage. If you notice a coolant leak, don’t ignore it for a second. Inadequate amounts of cooling system coolant can trigger overheating.

Temperature Gauge Rises

Take a look at your car’s temperature gauge. Has it moved over to the “red” area? This can signify various issues with your cooling system, specifically water pump breakdown.

Dashboard Indicator Light Clues

Cars are equipped with dashboard indicator lights that clue people in in the event of problems. Your check engine light can function as a convenient and helpful warning in many situations. Vehicles often have cooling system lights that put messages on display. They may feature “low coolant” messages. They may even feature thermostat images that help you figure out what you need to do next. If you notice dashboard indicator lights switching on, you need to seek the assistance of a capable professional as soon as possible.

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A Water Pump Pulley That’s Strangely Loose

Search for your vehicle’s water pump and then access the section the belt encases. Attempt to push and tug on this component if at all possible. This component is referred to as the “pulley.” Does it seem loose at all? If you’re able to rattle it without a problem, pay attention. It may indicate trouble with its bearing. That may mean that you need to invest in water pump replacement immediately.

Strange Pounding and Crushing Sounds

Does your dashboard gauge suggest that your vehicle is unusually hot? Start your car. Ask yourself if you detect a low pounding or crushing sound that originates in the front of your engine. If your water pump’s bearings are experiencing any kind of difficulties, detecting this bizarre sound should be a piece of cake for you.

Never Ignore Indications of Overheating

It’s essential to never ever dismiss any indications of vehicle overheating whatsoever. Overheating problems can often trigger markedly more severe and time-consuming ones. If you want to protect your vehicle from particularly frustrating and complex troubles, then you need to stay on top of overheating matters at all times.

Reach Out to Carolina Auto Service As Soon As Possible

Do you notice anything out of the ordinary with your water pump or vehicle in general? Get in touch with Carolina Auto Service located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our mechanics can provide you with top-quality water pump repair. They can provide you with A+ water pump replacement, too. Reach out to our courteous, organized and efficient staff members as soon as possible for more information.

Lastly, we look forward to servicing your vehicle here at Carolina Auto Service.  We are located at 1418 South Stratford Road Suite C Winston-Salem NC 27103.

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Convenient Oil Changes

Finding Convenient Oil Changes can be a task. Keeping a vehicle running smoothly is a process that calls for a lot of maintenance work. Regular maintenance is essential for vehicle owners who want maximum convenience and ease. There are many vital aspects of car maintenance as well. Oil changes are just one of them. If you make the effort to stay on top of your vehicle’s regular oil change needs, you may be able to reap numerous rewards. Routine oil changing sessions are more than worth your time. Don’t be the kind of driver who dismisses the importance of these changes.

The Basic Definition of an Oil Change

The oil changing process is straightforward and easy to understand. When mechanics perform this process, they extract older oil from engines. They then swap the older oil out with brand new oil. It isn’t uncommon for mechanics who perform oil changes to replace oil filters, too. If you want to do your beloved vehicle a favor, you should learn the undeniable benefits of routine oil changes.

Oil Changes Can Enhance the Performance of Your Engine

Routine oil changes can do a lot for the performance of your engine. An efficient engine can be a thing of beauty. Oil changes can ensure the proper lubrication of your engine’s internal moving components. This can provide you with a ride that’s smooth, easy and comfortable. It can provide you with one that’s silent and peaceful as well.

Oil Changes Can Help Your Gasoline Mileage

Oil lubricates vehicle engines. That’s the reason that oil that’s nice and clean is so important. Clean oil makes it possible for vehicle engines to operate in cool manners. This can do wonders for your vehicle’s efficiency. Remember, engines that are cool are markedly more efficient than others. Antifreeze isn’t the only thing that can keep your engine cool as a cucumber. Fresh oil also does the same.

Oil Changes Can Discourage the Accumulation of Debris, Grime and Dirt

Regular oil changes have the ability to discourage the accumulation of icky debris, grime and dirt. Oil that’s on the older side generally consists of a little bit of debris. This debris isn’t innocuous, though. It’s capable of destroying engine elements. This is a particularly big risk for people who drive in environments that have a lot of dust and dirt. If you want to steer clear of engine troubles, oil changes are optimal. Oil changes can stop tiny particles from accessing your engine.

Convenient Oil Changes Can Make Your Engine Last a Lot Longer

Oil changes can maintain engines that are devoid of debris, grime and dirt. If you’re looking to improve your engine’s spinning abilities, this is critical. Better spinning can minimize friction that in many cases forces engines to overexert themselves. Oil changes also can decrease carbon accumulation considerably. Frequent oil changes lead to minimal carbon accumulation. Reduced carbon accumulation is gentle on cars.

Can Reduce Your Vehicle Emissions

Oil that’s clean can make it much easier for engines to function in equally clean manners. Clean engines, in brief, don’t give off much exhaust. Unclean engines, on the other hand, are a whole other story. Fresh engine oil can take out potentially detrimental engine byproduct releases and particles. This can be terrific for people who want to breathe in air that’s meticulously clean and pleasant.

Convenient Oil Changes Can Help Safeguard Other Vehicle Components

Clean oil is impressive due to the fact that it can help safeguard the moving components of your vehicle. Engine oil is responsible for the lubrication of crankshafts and their attached rods. These things manage the pistons. Clean oil is responsible for cylinder wall lubrication. It generally takes on timing chain lubrication duties as well.

Oil Changes Can Help You Do Better on Emissions Tests

If you’re annoyed about constantly doing poorly on your emissions tests, regular oil changes may be the secret you need in your life. Soiled oil can trigger crankcase hydrocarbon accumulation. This accumulation then makes its way to the PVC circuit. It enables the intake to burn the gathered hydrocarbons. Dirty oil can contribute to shifts in emission amounts.

Minimize Your Costs

Dealing with time-consuming and complicated vehicle repair needs can be a big source of annoyance. Oil changes can often protect vehicle owners from all kinds of problems. They can often protect them from pricey repair services as well. If you’re looking for a trusted local business that can manage your routine oil change needs, Carolina Auto Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina can assist you. We specialize in routine oil changes and automotive repairs of all varieties. Customers turn to us for engine repair, radiator repair, brake service and more. Call us A.S.A.P. to book an appointment for our Convenient Oil Changes.

Radiator Repair Winston Salem

Is Your Vehicle In Need of Radiator Repair?

Radiators: What Exactly Do They Do?

Anyone who drives knows just how critical vehicle radiators are. Radiators, in brief, keep engine overheating at bay. Engines that are in use create heat. Coolant soaks up this heat and promptly transmits it over to the radiator. This is precisely where all cooling takes place. After that, coolant travels all over the engine. If your radiator is in fine working order, everything should be smooth sailing. If it’s not, however, you could experience a number of difficulties. It’s vital to keep an eye out for any and all potential radiator concerns. Swift professional repair service can in many cases stop radiator issues from becoming more severe.

Leaking Coolant

Take a close look at the area right under your car. Do you see coolant? It may have a
conspicuous vivid green, pink or yellow color. Coolant is the aforementioned fluid that stops engine overheating. Coolant puddles frequently signify leakage. It’s wise to pay attention to your low coolant light, too. If it turns on, something is amiss.

Excessive Heating

Overheating is a big warning signal. If you experience overheating, then you need to take your vehicle in for professional repair service immediately. It’s not hard to recognize overheating, either. Look below your hood. Is there any steam coming out of the area? If there is, radiator issues are probably the culprit.

Rust or Discoloration on Your Radiator

Assess the appearance of your radiator. The presence of rust or discoloration may denote radiator trouble. Radiator leaks often lead to fluid making its way over to hot engine components. This fluid rapidly fizzes away. You may be able to spot evidence of the fluid, however, in the form of discoloration. This discoloration frequently turns into rust as well.

Dark Radiator Gunk

Radiator coolant tends to be reddish, pinkish, yellow or green. Radiator issues, however, can in some cases change things in the color department. Some radiator troubles frequently bring on the emergence of fluid contaminants that have the ability to drastically affect coolant appearance. If your coolant begins to take on a dark black or brown color, then you should give it your attention. Also, the substance after some time will turn into a thick gunk. It will also cease functioning normally. Dark radiator gunk calls for the need for swift replacement. If you don’t replace this coolant quickly, it could bring on severe and lasting transmission and engine problems.

A “Hot” Display on Your Temperature Gauge

Take a look at your dashboard’s temperature gauge. Also, focus on the needle. Is it moving toward the “hot” direction? If it is, there could be some type of radiator trouble. It can sometimes indicate low fluid levels. It can sometimes signify thermostat woes as well. Either way, you need to request service from a knowledgeable mechanic who can troubleshoot the matter.

Be Aware of Common Radiator Leak Signs

It’s important to be aware of things that may signify radiator issues in general. It’s just as important to know about things that can denote radiator leaks, too. Radiator leaks can point to all sorts of problems that require prompt attention. If you have a radiator leak on your hands, you may experience significant shifts in coolant levels. Your coolant levels may be markedly lower than in the past. Also, focus on the space right below your engine as well. Do you see any odd puddles? If you observe any strange and gooey puddles, radiator concerns could be responsible. Don’t go anywhere near these puddles, either. They can be extremely dangerous. It’s imperative to clean them thoroughly immediately. It’s just as vital to discard of the fluid in the appropriate manner. Your goal should be to keep it far away from people and pets.

Problematic radiator hoses can sometimes signify radiator leaks. Radiators are attached to hoses that are not immune to deterioration. These hoses tend to tire out as time goes on. Their associated clamps sometimes get loose, too. Engine movements and vibrations contribute to this looseness. Tired radiator hoses lead to leakage. The same goes for connections that are less than reliable. Also, it’s vital to focus on hoses and be attentive to potential protrusions and cracks. These imperfections call for prompt professional repair work.

Get in Touch With Carolina Auto Service As Soon As Possible

Vehicle radiator issues can bring on all types of headaches and inconveniences. They can sometimes even interfere with safety behind the wheel. If you suspect that something is wrong with your radiator, you need to invest in professional repair service as soon as possible. Don’t delay taking action. The sooner you do something about your radiator concerns, the sooner you can sleep soundly at night. Lastly, call Carolina Auto Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as soon as possible to make an appointment for our A+ radiator repair service.

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7 Signs You May Need Radiator Repair

Signs of Radiator Repair  – Car problems of any type can be a major headache. If you want to be 100 percent safe behind the wheel, you need to make sure that your vehicle is always in tiptop condition. That means you need to pay careful attention to all of the “little details.” An efficient and reliable cooling system is imperative for drivers who want to feel confident and safe on the road. Issues with automotive cooling systems can lead to frustrating and time-consuming breakdowns. If you want to keep breakdowns, time wasting and headaches in general at bay, you should learn the signs of potential radiator problems. These helpful signs can alert you to the fact that you need prompt professional radiator repair service! Remember, a dependable radiator is important. It can prevent vehicle overheating.

Your Engine Is Overheating

If you see smoke making its way out from below the hood, that can signify the need for radiator repair service. The presence of smoke points to serious radiator problems. Don’t forget that vehicle radiators are designed to prevent smoking.

Coolant Leakage

Be on the lookout for any signs of coolant leakage. If you see any coolant underneath your vehicle, that can indicate a problem. Coolant has a viscous texture. It’s usually pink, orange or green. You may notice the light that indicates “low coolant levels” switching on, too. Mechanics conduct in-depth tests that search for leaks. These tests assess whether radiators are responsible for existing trouble as well.

Conspicuous Discoloration and Rusting

Focus on hoses and engine parts. Zero in on the radiator and parts that are close to it. Do you see any conspicuous discoloration or rusting at all? Discoloration and rusting typically denotes radiator leakage. If you see rusting, radiator repair is of the essence.

Radiator Coolant That Has a Strange Appearance

Coolant that’s inside of vehicle radiators generally is red, yellow or green. Coolant that’s inside of faulty vehicle radiators, on the other hand, is typically a whole other story. If your radiator is on the verge of failure, its fluid will more than likely consist of noticeable contaminants. If it does, the coolant will take on a totally different and markedly darker color. It usually makes coolant look either black or dark brown. The coolant, with a little bit of time, usually develops a muddy and thick texture. If you fail to replace problematic coolant promptly, it can in many cases trigger significant transmission and engine destruction.

Stay on Top of Any Possible Radiator Leaks

Radiator leaks are big problems. They cause breakdowns and, as a result, waste a lot of precious time. If you want to stop possible breakdowns, you should make sure to stay on top of potential radiator leaks. If you have a radiator leak, your vehicle may not produce sufficient heat. It may produce heat irregularly. You may see steam making its way from the section surrounding your engine. Concentrate on the temperature gauge. Is the needle getting higher? If it is, that could mean that your car is overheating.

Pooling fluid is yet another big signal. If you see fluid accumulation below your vehicle, radiator hose leakage could be the culprit. It could also indicate any type of radiator leak in general. Oddly sweet odors, last but not least, can signify radiator leaks, too. Antifreeze is known for its bizarrely sweet scent. If your vehicle is giving off a smell that’s abnormally sweet, you need to pay attention to it. Also, that can denote coolant leakage. Don’t waste any time in the event of possible coolant leakage. Stop driving and seek assistance from a reputable mechanic immediately.

Why a Dependable Vehicle Radiator Is Critical

Radiators are imperative for safe and efficient vehicle functioning. Radiators aim to stop problematic engine overheating. Engines that are running generate heat. Coolants soak up heat via engines. They send heat over to radiators. This is where the essential cooling process takes place. Also, after this, coolant travels within engines. If your radiator is the portrait of smooth sailing, everything should be easy as pie for you. If it’s not, you may experience numerous telling issues.

Visit Our Trusted Automotive Repair Shop

If you want to keep frustrating, stressful and time-consuming breakdowns out of your life, swift professional radiator repair service is 100 percent essential. Prompt radiator repair service is truly helpful. It can prevent substantial time-wasting. Breakdowns are a headache. Radiator repair service can keep you safe behind the wheel. It can keep fellow drivers who share the roads with you safe as well. Prompt repair work can also keep your costs low. If you let radiator problems get out of hand, your repair costs will probably get substantially higher. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more about our A+ auto repair work. Lastly, if your car is showing signs of radiator repair call us today.

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Helpful Tire Maintenance Tips

The Importance of Proper Tire Care

Proper tire care is critical for anyone who owns and drives a vehicle, period. Routine tire maintenance can open you up to a wealth of perks. It can give you the convenience of extra safety behind the wheel. Also, it can keep your tires in tiptop shape for much longer. It can even enhance the mileage of your car. If you want to be able to minimize your trips to the gas station, proper tire care can do you a lot of good. These maintenance tips can keep your tires in A+ condition. They can also keep all sorts of headaches at bay!

Rotate Your Tires With Regularity

Routine rotation is essential for people who make strong tire care a priority. You should aim to rotate your tires each 5,000 to 7,000 miles you drive. Doing so can encourage tire wear that’s consistent and even.

Align Your Tires For Proper Tire Maintenance

Tire alignment issues can be a major pain, to say the least. Wheel misalignment can trigger accelerated tread wear. It can trigger tread wear that’s inconsistent as well. It’s important to make sure that your rear and front wheels are always perfectly aligned. If you want to keep your tire alignment in check, you need the assistance of a professional mechanic.

Make Proper Tire Pressure a Focus

You should never ignore tire pressure. Pressure that’s on the low side can force tires to have grip problems on roads that are damp. This can make dealing with rainy weather a big hassle. If you have questions regarding optimal tire pressure for your vehicle, take a quick look at your trusty owner’s manual. The magic number should be readily available in there for you.

It’s always important to assess the inflation of your tires. It’s particularly important to do this prior to setting out for lengthy trips. Excessive inflation can be an issue for tires. The same goes for insufficient inflation. You have to aim for a happy medium. Excessive and insufficient tire inflation can both encourage road blowouts. Those aren’t exactly pleasant. Insufficient tire pressure can be problematic in that it can boost the consumption of fuel significantly. If you want to keep your gasoline costs reasonable, you need to make proper tire inflation a goal at all times, no exceptions.

Evaluate the Depth of Your Tire Tread

If you want to promote strong traction on roads that are rainy, you should concentrate on tire tread depth. Doing so can encourage optimal tire safety and performance. You can use a penny to evaluate tire tread depth. Get a penny out of your wallet. Put Abraham Lincoln’s head in the direction of your tire. Pay attention to it. Is the top part of the President’s head visible to you? If it is, that means that tire replacement is of the essence.

Tire Maintenance – Concentrate on Tire Balance

Proper tire balance is also vital. Tire and wheel setups that lack proper balance can be highly problematic. They can bring on irritating vibrations during driving as well. If you’re sick of dealing with persistent vibrations any time you’re cruising, tire balance could be the issue. Note, too, that balance issues can frequently bring on tread wear that’s inconsistent. That’s yet another big reason to make tire balance a priority.

Place Brand New Tires on Your Back Axle

Roads that are far from dry can often be hazardous to drivers. That’s the reason it’s vital to place brand new tires on back axles. Doing so can help you take charge of your vehicle better when you’re driving on damp surfaces. This is essential regardless of the type of vehicle you have, too. It’s equally essential for people who have all-wheel, rear-wheel and front-wheel drives. Traction issues can be extremely dangerous. They can even cause frightening vehicle spinning.

Recruit The Assistance Of An Experienced Mechanics For Proper Tire Maintenance

There are things you can do by yourself to keep your tires safe and reliable for as long as possible. You don’t have to be a tire expert to be safe and confident on the road, however. If you want to reap the rewards of routine and proper tire care without having to handle these duties on your own, all you have to do is make an appointment with a reputable automotive repair shop.

A capable mechanic can take care of all of your tire maintenance needs. He can make sure your tires are balanced correctly. He can rotate your tires for you. The options are plentiful. Strong tire care can give you peace of mind any time you’re behind the wheel. It can strengthen your fuel efficiency. It can keep the need for tire replacement at bay. If you want to be a responsible driver, you have to give your tires the attention they deserve.

If you have questions about tire maintenance, contact us today!

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