Colder Temperatures

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter’s Colder Temperatures

Even though winter weather conditions in Winston-Salem are not as severe as in other areas of the United States, it is extremely important that you prepare your car for winter as we can still experience the challenges that come with colder weather and treacherous road conditions. Winter not only brings with it colder temperatures and more precipitation, it also brings a greater chance of breakdowns and accidents.

Preparing yourself for winter driving has two facets. When the roads are cold and slippery, drivers need to adjust their behavior as soon as they get behind the wheel and be more vigilant, looking out for anything that may come their way. Drivers should take extra time and pay more attention while turning and passing, especially as temperatures drop and road conditions deteriorate.

Beyond your own actions, preparing your vehicle is just as important. Winterizing your car will make you vehicle safer and reduce the chance of mishaps. You will also be better prepared to travel out of the area if you take care of the following basic needs before the coldest part of the winter sets in.

Change Your Oil

Yes, we know you constantly hear about the importance of changing your oil at regular intervals. When the seasons change, new oil becomes even more important because outside temperatures influence the internal temperature of your engine. You should switch to a thinner, less viscous oil to ensure that your vehicle runs properly in cold weather. The technicians at Carolina Mobile Auto Service will recommend the proper oil for your vehicle.

Flush and Refill the Cooling System

Coolant not only keeps your vehicle from overheating in summer, it also helps protect it against corrosion in winter. Flush your coolant system before winter if it is due for service and make sure that your coolant has ethylene glycol for extra protection. Ensuring that your engine has the proper coolant to water ratio is more important in colder weather. Colder Temperatures. For most vehicles the ratio is 60 percent coolant to 40 percent water.

Don’t Forget Your Battery

Dead batteries are more common in winter. That’s because the colder the weather gets, the harder it is for the battery to crank. Thoroughly inspect your battery cables for cracks and breaks, while also checking the terminals for loose connections. Our technicians will also ensure that the battery has the correct level of battery acid. If your battery is three to four years old, it may be time for a replacement. When a battery is aging, it’s also important to have the level of charge checked to ensure that you don’t end up stranded on a roadside in inclement weather.

Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Being able to see properly is an essential part of safe winter driving. Replace your wiper blades if they are cracked or getting old. Make sure you also have enough windshield solvent to get you through the winter. When roads are wet and sloppy, you won’t believe how much you will use.

Follow Manufacturer’s Recommended Servicing

Following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule can prevent unsafe operation and possible breakdowns by checking for worn parts. If your vehicle is approaching a recommended service interval, get the work done before cold weather sets in.

Assemble an Emergency Kit

Even with the best maintenance, unexpected breakdowns can occur. If you don’t already have one, assemble an emergency kit that includes items such as flares, blankets, a flashlight, engine oil, washer fluid, snacks and even an extra cell phone battery in case you become stranded. Also, make sure you have a good spare tire and a working jack. Colder Temperatures can cause issues with your vehicle so it is important to know before the winter temperatures set it.

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Winter Driving

3 Things You Need to Check to Make Sure Your Car is Safe for Winter Driving

Fall is officially here, which means that winter — and the inclement weather that comes with it — is right around the corner. One of the most important things you can do before the roads get slick is to make sure your car is safe to drive. Now is the time to take it in to an auto repair shop if it needs work, beforethe weather has a chance to get bad. Here are three things you need to check to make sure that your car is well equipped for winter driving.


An essential part of your car to check for safety purposes is the brakes. It’ll be hard enough stopping and avoiding sliding on wet roads without having unmaintained brakes that may not work well or fail altogether. This means that your brake pads, discs, and lines all need to be in good working order. Brake pads typically have a lifespan of between 30,000 and 70,000 miles; however, they should always be replaced if they get to be less than an eighth of an inch thick. Brake discs should look shiny and the thin grooves should be shallow. Brake lines are coated with rubber, which should not be worn or cracked. Since brake work can be complicated, you probably want to leave this one up to professional car repair services.


Having well-maintained brakes will help you stay safe on the road by allowing you to actually stop effectively. However, the vehicle will slide on slick roads regardless of brake care if the tires are not in good shape. Unless you live in a higher elevation or in an area that experiences a lot of snow, you don’t have to break the bank on your new tires. A quality new set should do you just fine. If the treads on your tires are worn, they probably need to be replaced. Auto repair shops typically have a range of different tires to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one in your price range.

Lights and Wipers

Visibility is essential for safe driving, and your windshield wipers and lights are designed specifically for that purpose. If they aren’t in good shape, they can’t do their job and it means that you’re not driving safely. Windshield wipers are inexpensive enough to just buy a new pair and swap them out yourself. Since daylight hours are significantly shorter in the wintertime. Make sure that all of your lights work and are bright enough is important.

Are you’re unsure of how to check any of these things or have any car repair questions? You should swing by one of your local auto repair shops. Not only will they be able to tell what needs to be fixed, but they’ll be able to perform car repair you need. Also, make sure that your vehicle is as safe as possible for winter driving.

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