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Water pump damage can be identified by the professionals at Carolina Auto Service. However, there are some symptoms of water pump problems you can look for yourself, too. If you see any signs of engine overheating, then it is likely that you vehicle have a problem with your water pump. This is because the water pump plays a crucial role in cooling the engine of your . Cooling system service is one of our specialties at Carolina Auto Service. So, when you see unusually high temperatures in your engine, the water pump is usually the first suspect.

Although we face unusually hot weather in Winston Salem, NC, your car should be able to keep its engine cool. With the teamwork of the radiator and water pump, there is no reason for your engine to ever heat above a safe temperature. But, if you see problem such as a check engine light or thermostat problem, then you need to have a professional take a look. When your engine overheats, you are risking extensive damage. To avoid more costly repairs, you need to get your water pump working as quickly as possible.

Carolina Auto Service is ready to handle water pump replacement in Winston Salem, NC. No matter what kind of car you drive, Carolina Auto Service has the expertise required to work on its water pump. With years of experience as Winston Salem, NC mechanics, we can help you get your car running as quickly as possible.