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In many cases, it can be hard to see a drivetrain issue lurking in the dark. But, there are some more common symptoms of drive train problems which you can watch out for. A low pitch rumbling noise which presents itself as you drive at speeds over about twenty five miles per hour can indicate that the carrier bearings are wearing out. In some cases, worn pinion bearings will begin to make noise – even at low speeds. Furthermore, highly worn bearings will whir more loudly if they are not supporting the gears correctly.

When you hear any unusual noise from your car, it’s time to bring it down to Carolina Auto Service. We can diagnose the causes of strange noises for all makes and models of vehicles. Even if it’s not the drive train which is causing the problem, our mechanics are experts in car repair in Winston Salem, NC. If you choose to ignore the symptoms of drive train damages, then you are risking more extensive problems with your vehicle. It’s like waiting for a time bomb to explode. Your repair costs will increase substantially as you continue to neglect any problems you suspect with your car’s drive train.

Carolina Auto Service handles clutch repair in Winston Salem, NC. Our clutch repair experts are ready to handle any clutch repair job in the Winston Salem region. With years of experience with automatic and manual transmission repair, you can trust our technicians to get the job done. Whether you need an inspection or already know that you need serious repairs, bring your car to Carolina Auto Service to have us take a look. Contact us today! We can even tow your vehicle to our location.