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GMC repair Winston-Salem NCOwning a GMC can make you feel terrific. GMCs are vehicles that have been taking the planet by storm for decades now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of SUVs, classic sedans or anything else. There are surely all sorts of options that may be ideal for your day-to-day lifestyle. If you’re an owner of this type of vehicle, you should do everything you can to keep it in tiptop shape. That means that you should be able to rapidly identify indications of possible concerns. There are quite a few to keep on your radar to prevent a major GMC repair.

A Flashing Check Engine Light

A flashing check engine light is never terrific news for people who drive and own GMCs of any sort. If you see a flickering check engine light, then you need to take action right away. You can do so by heading straight to a mechanic who is well-versed in all kinds of repair specialties. Note that flickering check engine light can be related to all sorts of factors. It may involve a gasoline cap that’s not firmly in place. It may even involve emission troubles. If you have any questions that relate to a flashing check engine light, then you should give us a call today without any hesitation.

High-Pitched Sounds

When a GMC has a high-pitched sound coming from the engine that’s definitely a sign that somethings wrong. If your car is giving off awful and persistent high-pitched sounds, then you should head to a trusted mechanic right away. Often squeaking sounds can in many situations be traced back to brake problems. You should never ever make the mistake of brushing off any bizarre sounds that are given off by your vehicle. If you brush off weird sounds, then you may let a small problem turn into a large one. Problems with brakes can often lead to severely dire consequences. It’s always optimal to nip possible brake issues in the bud swiftly.

A Burning Odor

Burning odors are never welcome. They’re never associated with positivity. If you detect any kind of burning odor, then you need to seek assistance from a professional mechanic immediately. You have no time to delay at all. If you want to safeguard yourself from potentially disastrous circumstances, then you need to fix whatever issue is triggering this noticeable burning odor.


Leaksare pretty common and can happen to any vehicle even if the vehicle is new. The most common leaks GMC owners face are oil leaks. Typically speaking the oil pan gasket go’s bad, or a oil filter is loose or damaged. Keep im mind that there’s dozens of other components that could leak oil. Other common leaks include power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.If you’ve noticed wet spots in your garage or drive way, give us a call today.

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