Cheap Oil Change serviceCarolina Auto Service provides oil change services in Winston Salem, North Carolina. If you are ready to have your oil changed in Winston Salem, NC, then visit Carolina Auto Service to get the job done fast. You can simply sit back and relax in our Winston Salem, NC auto repair shop waiting room while we change your oil. It’s that easy.

Frequent oil changes are absolutely critical for the base line maintenance of your car or other motor vehicle. Carolina Auto Service offers oil change services in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Regardless of what kind of car you drive – foreign import or domestic – oil changes are quick and simple at Carolina Auto Service. You can be confident to know that your oil change will be finished in a timely manner, and for a very reasonable cost.

When you require the best!

We use only the top quality oils in our oil change process. By utilizing only the highest grade oils within the engine of your car, we know that all of the moving components will be lubricated correctly. The difference might not be clear at first glance, but the improvement that regular oil changes make will become crystal clear as the years pass. This is due to the fact that a well oiled car will continue to run for a very long time, and is less susceptible to problems caused by insufficient lubrication. We’ve seen vehicles keep running for decades when they have been taken care of correctly over the years. With the assistance of the Winston Salem, NC motor oil experts at Carolina Auto Service, you can ensure that your car continues running at peak performance long into the future.

Routine inspections

One of the other benefits of frequent Winston Salem oil changes at Carolina Auto Service is much less well known. When you bring your car into Carolina Auto Service, we can inspect your engine for any damages, aging parts, leaky seals, or any other problems you might be facing. This means that you can have a clear concept of what kinds of preventative maintenance work you should invest in. By having routine inspections from the vehicle professionals at Carolina Auto Service, you can dodge costly damages down the road that always result from neglecting simple problems.

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